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Best Dehumidifier 70 Pint Reviews 2019 | Best whole house Dehumidifier for Sale on Amazon


Does your house suffer from signs of condensation or damp? Hence, make use of this 70 pint dehumidifier. For health reasons, it is necessary to maintain a proper humidity level in your home. While too little humidity can make some discomfort issues such as chapped lips as well as cracks in wooden furniture, the reverse side of the coin. Moreover, too much moisture can make your home a breeding ground for mould and mildew, that can lead to some very serious health issues. A dehumidifier can help you remedy excess moisture problems.

70 Pint Dehumidifiers Reviews

70 Pint Dehumidifier Reviews 2019

Dehumidifiers are soon becoming one of the widely used devices in American homes. This has tiled the way for the origin of technologically advanced dehumidifiers that contradicts the concept of them being noisy and an addition to your chores. Hence, let us know more about these best 70-pint dehumidifier reviews 2019. Every home has its own humidity level. In most cases, it mostly depends on the climate in that particular area. Even though the climate is up to the nature, it just does not mean that we can just submit to the fate of getting your home ruined. You can actually make your area more comfortable place to live in and have it to last for years to come by using a dehumidifier.

Best Dehumidifier 70 Pint for Sale

1. Frigidaire 70 Pint Dehumidifier- FAD704DWD

The Frigidaire FAD704DWD dehumidifier extracts as much as 70 pints of excess moisture from the air in large to small areas. This Best dehumidifier for Basement is designed for rooms up to 1,400 square feet in size, hence making it ideal for a damp basement. The dehumidifier’s collection reservoir is capable of holding up to 15.3 pints of water. While this extended capacity reduces how often you empty the dehumidifier. This makes the bucket harder to lift and manoeuvre when the bucket is completely full. If you prefer to bypass using the bucket, this Frigidaire portable dehumidifier allows for continuous draining. If the electricity goes off in your home, this small dehumidifier will automatically restart once power is restored using the last settings entered into the digital display control panel.

Frigidaire 70 Pint Dehumidifier-

This best dehumidifier has auto shut-off that turns the unit off when the water-collection bucket is full. The Frigidaire FAD704DWD uses 745 watts of power when in use. This Frigidaire FAD704DWD dehumidifier has a sturdy design. This Frigidaire dehumidifier weighs 46 pounds but has four caster wheels and a handle to make it more portable and easy to move around your house. The Frigidaire 70 pint features two different fan speed settings. It reaches a decibel level of 53.4 on the highest setting. This is one of the quiet dehumidifiers with 53.4 decibels. The water bucket is located at the front of the Frigidaire Dehumidifier 2019 Model is easy to access. The Mesh filter of this best Frigidaire energy star 70-pint dehumidifier reduces room odours, bacteria, and other airborne particles


  • High quality parts.
  • Top extendabl ehandle.
  • Large capacity water tank.
  • Most quiet dehumidifier.
  • Very reliable.


  • No defrost mode.
  • No drain pump.

2. Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 70-Pint Dehumidifier

The Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 is an energy efficient dehumidifier with a maximum power draw of 745 watts. The Best 70 Pint Frigidaire  Dehumidifier FFAD7033R1 pulls in air from the back of the device. Which literally means that if you have it close to the wall it pull in the air between itself and the wall. The Frigidaire 70 Pint Dehumidifier allows you to control the relative humidity in the room with Effortless Humidity Control. The washable antibacterial filter of this Frigidaire dehumidifier protects your home from mould and mildew caused by excess moisture. This helps eliminate airborne bacteria that can make breathing complex. Plus, the portable design of this Frigidaire with casters and top and side handles makes this easy to move the dehumidifier from room to room. This portable dehumidifier effectively dehumidifies a medium sized utility room with medium humidity level, proper sizing changes with room size, room location and conditions.

Frigidaire FFAD7033R1

Moreover, the washable filter keeps your air smelling fresh, and the dehumidifier prevents odours that result from mildew, mould and bacteria. The effortless clean antibacterial filter of this Frigidaire reduces bacteria, room odours and other airborne particles for a comfortable, cool environment. Effortless humidity control of this best 70 pint dehumidifiers from Frigidaire allows you to control the exact percentage of humidity in your room. However, the Ready-select controls of this Frigidaire ffad7033r1 70-pint dehumidifier make it easy to select options. The effortless full tank alert system makes you know when your water tank nears capacity and it is time to empty the water bucket. The Frigidaire shuts off automatically when the water tank is almost full. This best Dehumidifier runs quietly at 51 dBA.


  • Continuous drain operation.
  • Portable design.
  • Full tank alert system.
  • Automatic shutoff.
  • Antibacterial filter.
  • Removes moisture quickly.


  • Small tank size.

3. Keystone KSTAD70B 70 pint Dehumidifier

The Keystone 70 pint dehumidifiers can remove up to 70 pints of moisture from the air. This best 70-pint can dehumidify up to 3,800 square feet. The Keystone kstad70b allows for continual water drainage, that means you can bypass emptying the bucket altogether. You can just attach a garden hose to the drain spout and arrange the hose. So it empties into a nearby floor channel. In addition to the standard features most dehumidifiers have, the Keystone energy star 70 pt. dehumidifier, kstad70b features a built-in settings memory. There is also a Clean Filter alert that comes with this Keystone dehumidifier. Hence, you can maintain clean air quality in your home.It comes with automatic features that let the dehumidifier regulate humidity levels even when you are not at home.

Keystone KSTAD70B

The Auto restart feature of this best Keystone turns the dehumidifier back on after a power outage. It remembers the humidistat’s programmed levels. Hence, you need not have to readjust the control settings when the power comes back on. The Keystone dehumidifier’s auto shut-off turns the machine off once the relative humidity in your home reaches the setting entered on the its humidistat. This best feature of this keystone kstad70b saves you on both energy use and electric bills. The auto defrost capability feature lets you use this dehumidifier in garages, basements and other unheated areas. This Keystone kicks on when temperatures dip and there’s a risk of ice building up on the machine. Another great feature is its 24-hour timer. This lets you set multiple timers for when the Keystone 70 pint automatically starts and shut off throughout the day.


  • Most energy efficient.
  • Small size.
  • Quiet dehumidifier.
  • Digital Display.
  • Automatic start and shutoff.
  • Durable caster wheels.
  • Good warranty period.


  • Smallest bucket capacity.

4. Friedrich D70BP 70 pint Dehumidifier

Take control of the humidity in your home with this Friedrich D70BPA Dehumidifier. This 70 pint dehumidifier features a low-temperature operation and built-in condensate pump. The Friedrich D70BPA 70 pint dehumidifier works great as a basement dehumidifier or as a portable dehumidifier for humidity control in various rooms. The Friedrich 70-Pint Dehumidifier features user-friendly electronic controls and digital display, making it easy to use and simple to operate. In addition to easy-to-understand controls, the Friedrich dehumidifier d70bp features convenient indicators for easy maintenance and optimum performance. The bucket full indicator of this Friedrich dehumidifier will illuminate on the display panel when the water condensate bucket is full. To prevent damage to your dehumidifier or an overflow of water in your house, the Friedrich can automatically shut down until the drain bucket is emptied and replaced properly.

Friedrich 70 Pint Dehumidifier

The Friedrich D70BPA 70 Pint Dehumidifier also features automatic defrost mode, that is very useful for low-temperature operation. When the dehumidifier is operating at temperatures below 41 degrees Fahrenheit, frost can begin to build upon the evaporator coils. To keep the Friedrich dehumidifier running normally and efficiently, the defrost indicator can illuminate and the unit will automatically start the defrost cycle. Moreover, the Four rolling casters and two side-grip carry handles make the small dehumidifier easy to transport this portable dehumidifier from room to room. This mini dehumidifier is equipped with a two-speed fan. The Friedrich D70BPA 70-Pint Dehumidifier includes a washable air filter that easily slides out of the front panel. This built-in humidistat feature allows you to set your ideal humidity level from 30% to 90% relative humidity in increments of every 5%.


  • Easy mobility.
  • Reusable filter.
  • Adjustable humidity.
  • Electronic controls.
  • Multiple fan speeds.


  • Noisy.

5. Danby DDRO70B3WP Dehumidifier

The Danby DDRO70B3WP home dehumidifier removes 70 pints of moisture from the air in a 24-hour period. This 70 pint can dehumidify an impressive 4,500-square-foot area, making it a great choice as a dehumidifier for your entire house. This two-fan 70 pint dehumidifier operates quietly at 50 decibels, that is about as loud as a refrigerator. This Danby DDRO70B3WP 70 pint could work nicely as the best dehumidifier for basement or one that you can use in a garage, workshop or storage area. Because it can handle temperatures as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit. This best 70-pint dehumidifier also has an auto defrost option so the coils, and any water in the device, don’t freeze or ice over. The Danby DDR070BDWDB 70 pint Dehumidifier fixes this problem with the help of its Smart Dehumidifying option.Danby DDR070BDWDB

The Danby mini dehumidifier analyzes your space’s ambient temperature and humidity and automatically programs the most optimal humidity level for your area. This technology also prefers the most efficient fan speed to maintain the set humidity. The smart dehumidify function allows the Danby Dehumidifier to automatically control room humidity by factoring in ambient temperature. it is also equipped with an automatic de-icing feature that ensures the internal coils will always be ice-free. The handy built-in rolling casters make this Danby 70 pint super convenient to relocate the unit from one location to another. In case of a power failure the device can automatically restart and the direct drain system allows for continuous operation. This Danby premium dehumidifier also features a 24-month warranty on parts and labour. The Best Danby dehumidifier 2019 offers a generous two-year warranty, that covers both parts and labour.


  • Good for large rooms and basements.
  • Automatic restart.
  • Washable air filter.
  • Automatic defrost.
  • Check filter indicator.
  • Quiet dehumidifier.


  • Drain hose not included.

6. Haier HM70EP 70 pint Dehumidifier

The Haier HM70EP combines power and convenience in its 70-pint dehumidifier. This best 70 pint dehumidifier also has one of the largest collection reservoirs that is capable of holding 18 pints of water before requiring to be emptied. Though it can remove a lot of moisture from the air, this Haier 70 pint dehumidifier uses the most energy of any home dehumidifier. Keep in mind, too, that Haier dehumidifies small rooms of approximately 600 square feet. The Haier Energy Star Dehumidifier is a good option for very moist conditions removing 70 pints of damaging moisture from the air per day. The Features of this Haier HM70EP include electronic controls with digital display, a 24-hour timer and two fan speeds. This best 70-pint dehumidifier has a bucket-full indicator light with an audible alarm.

Haier HM70EP

This best dehumidifier for basement also comes with a front bucket with a handle to make emptying the 70 pint quick and easy. The Haier dehumidifier stops automatically once the bucket is full. Plus, this Haier mini dehumidifier has a drain on the back of the device. Hence you can attach a standard garden hose to continuously drain the unit into a floor drain (hose not included). This small dehumidifier 70 pint comes with a built-in drain pump and an included hose that pumps water from the device to a nearby drain or sink. Also, because of the pump action of this Haier 70 pint dehumidifier, you are not relying on gravity to feed water to a sink or drain. Instead, you can easily run the drain hose from the Haier and up into a sink or out a window to remove water the unit collects.


  • Auto restart.
  • Auto defrost.
  • Low temperature operation.
  • Washable air filter.
  • Rolling Casters.
  • Auto shutoff.


  • A bit noisy.

7. Soleus Dehumidifier 70 pint

Protect your home from mould and mildew caused by excess moisture with a reliable and powerful 70-pint portable dehumidifier by Soleus Air. Simply choose from the living space, basement, or sleeping space settings for the perfect humidity level wherever you place the dehumidifier. Of course, if there is a custom humidity level that you prefer, it can always be manually set using the digital humidistat. Caster wheels make this soleus air 70 pint dehumidifier easy to roll from room-to-room while the washable and reusable filter keep maintenance fit. Stay comfortable and keep moisture to a minimum with a Soleus Air dehumidifier 70 pint. The Continuous Mode with garden hose connector that comes with this soleus dehumidifier 70 pint offers continuous low-level drainage. Digital humidistat displays set humidity level and current room humidity level.

Soleus 70 pint Dehumidifier

The 3-speed fan of this soleus 70 pint circulates air at speeds of low, high and medium. The 24-hour timer of this best dehumidifier turns on or shuts off the unit automatically. Child Lock function with an indicator light that is provided with this Soleus Air prevents setting changes by locking the control panel. The soleus air dehumidifier 70 pint has an Automatic shut-off feature with bucket full indicator and alarm (8.5-pint bucket capacity). It comes with Washable and reusable filter for convenient maintenance. Clean Filter indicator alerts you when the filter needs to be cleaned. Loss of Power Protection of this soleus air 70 pint dehumidifier remembers all settings when power is discontinued. Auto-restart automatically restarts the unit when power is restored.


  • Bucket full audible alarm.
  • Electronic controls.
  • Digital humidistat.
  • Garden hose connection.


  • Noisy.

8. Hisense 70-pint – The Best Basement Dehumidifier with Pump

Hisense 70-pint dehumidifier is a lightweight that is meant for spaces 1,500 square feet and below. This low temperature operated 70 pint dehumidifier might be just what you need to help improve your home’s environment. The Hisense 70-pint 2-speed dehumidifier is an affordable and eco-friendly dehumidifier for large-sized spaces operating at temperatures as low as 38 degrees Fahrenheit. This mini dehumidifier removes 70 pints of damaging moisture per day from spaces up to 1500 square feet. Three operating modes such as manual set, continuous and auto dry, make this dehumidifier a versatile choice. During the process of dehumidification, water accumulates in the 2-gallon water tank or is continuously emptied into a drain using a drainage hose such as a standard garden hose. Additional features of this Hisense 70 pint dehumidifier include a programmable 24-hour on/off timer, full-tank alert/shutoff and adjustable humidistat.

Hisense 70 pint dehumidifier

This Hisense 70 pint 2 speed dehumidifier Operates at a very low temperature (38F°). The 3 modes of this best dehumidifier include manual set, continuous and auto dry. Electronic controls of Hisense 70-pint 2-speed dehumidifier with built-in pump allow you easily control the humidity level in your home. Digital display of Hisense 70-pint 2-speed dehumidifier shows relative humidity or time. Auto restart feature of Hisense restores the device to the last setting used when power was disrupted. Full-tank indicator light of this Hisense 70 pint dehumidifier alerts you to when the front-mounted water tank needs to be emptied. This best dehumidifier Automatic shut-off automatically, when 2-gallon water tank is full. Moreover, the Drain hose connection allows for continuous drainage using a standard garden hose. However, the washable air filter with a “clean filter” indicator light makes this mini dehumidifier very attractive. Plus, Caster wheels make moving this Hisense a breeze.


  • Low temperature feature.
  • Good moisture removal.
  • Durable.
  • Built in pump.
  • Check filter.
  • Good LED display.


  • A bit difficult to set up.

9. GE Dehumidifier 70 pint

 The GE 70 pint is one of the largest home dehumidifiers. It weighs only 47 pounds and can stands two feet high. However, the GE dehumidifier ADEL70LR can pull 70 pints of moisture from an area up to 1,500 square feet in size. Hence, making it a worthy choice if you are looking for a dehumidifier for your entire home. Additionally, GE 70 pint dehumidifier uses 690 watts of energy when in use. However, this best dehumidifier is Energy Star certified. On the control panel, you can find the humidistat or the control that makes you determine the relative humidity. There is also a full water-bucket alert. Hence, you know when the water-collection reservoir needs to be emptied. If you can’t empty the bucket immediately, this GE 70 pt. dehumidifier ADEL70LR shuts off automatically to avoid water overflow and possible damage to your device and home.

GE 70-Pint Dehumidifier

The water-collection bucket of this GE dehumidifier 70 pint holds up to 17.5 pints of water. Therefore, you need not empty it as often as dehumidifiers with smaller reservoirs. The GE 70 pint dehumidifier also has a water-level view window. Therefore you can keep tabs on the water level in the bucket. If you want, you can bypass using the bucket completely and instead hook a hose to the drain outlet in the back. Hence, that water drains from the dehumidifier into a nearby drain. The GE ADEL70LR 70 pint dehumidifier is equipped with an internal drain pump. Therefore, you can keep this 70-pint dehumidifier on the ground and place the hose up. Therefore, it empties into a sink or out through a window. While the GE dehumidifier is on, it is very quiet, with a noise level of 51 decibels.


  • Easy bucket removal.
  • Simple controls.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy to operate.


  • A bit loud.
  • Shot life.

10. Kenmore 70 Pint Dehumidifier

The Kenmore 70 Pint Dehumidifier is the largest and the best home dehumidifier. The 70 pints per day capacity of this Kenmore dehumidifier makes this suitable for larger areas of the house. And it will be useful in a basement where the temperature remains reasonably warm in most of the times. Kenmore dehumidifier 70 Pint can extract 70 pints of moisture every 24 hours from the air at a temperature of 80°F and relative humidity of 60%. The Kenmore 70 Pint Dehumidifier is, hence, a powerful home dehumidifier and can control humidity in a large area. The Kenmore 70 pint dehumidifier is very effective in removing condensation from the air. If emptying the bucket is a chore, or a task likely to be overlooked, the Kenmore Dehumidifier 70 pint can be set up for continuous drainage.

Kenmore Elite 70 Pint Dehumidifier

The Kenmore 70 Pint Dehumidifier also has an adjustable humidistat to control the level of relative humidity as preferred. Moreover, the control panel shows the level of relative humidity programmed into the humidistat. The Kenmore 70-Pint Dehumidifier comes with an attractive unit and its stylish appearance has been commented upon by most of the reviewers. This best Kenmore dehumidifier is reasonably compact with overall dimensions of 23.75(h) x 12.33(d) x 14.5(w) inches. The portable dehumidifier is of reasonable weight for its power, at 40.1lb and is very portable. The caster wheels of this Kenmore exists on the base and integral carrying handles at the top. The noise level of the Kenmore dehumidifier 70 pint is intrusive, especially at higher fan speeds.


  • Runs quieter.
  • Very large water tank.
  • Defrost mode.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Works great in full basement.
  • Excellent pump feature.


  • Cannot pump automatically.

Things to Consider in a Dehumidifier

Getting a dehumidifier for your home may immediately sound like a good idea, then, but choosing the best dehumidifier is a little more difficult than just picking a dehumidifier for your living room.

Mould Prevention

Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is mould. It is nothing but a fungal species that causes natural materials to break down through a process known as biodegradation. The Mold can become dangerous in large quantities, putting household occupants’ well-being at risk. Symptoms of mould allergies may include throat and eye irritation, sneezing, skin rashes, itchy throat and/or coughing. Moist, damp air is the ideal environment for fungus to flourish, and a dehumidifier can remove the surplus moisture while preventing new decay from growing. If anybody or you in your home suffers from frequent asthma attacks or if you see mould growing in various places, then you should strongly consider a dehumidifier for your house.

Improve Air Quality

The quality of air in your house is not only measured in the number of pints that you may or may not be breathing in, but also by the humidity levels of the air itself. There is no denying that an air purifier is the most effective way to cleanse the air of potentially harmful substances. A dehumidifier does indeed play a significant role in improving your indoor air quality. In fact, no matter how many houseplants you have in your home or air purifiers running, it is impossible to keep your essence of air in your house at a healthy level if there is too much moisture.

Helps Eliminating Dust Mites

The dehumidifiers play an important role in improving the overall indoor air quality within your house. Not only by removing excessive levels of humidity but also by eliminating dust mites. Whoever may be the culprits for why you have been gasping so much recently.

Household dust mites are a common cause of many allergy-related symptoms and asthma, and they thrive in warm climates, humid. Dehumidifiers help keep the overall humidity in your home at an optimal level, therefore helping eliminate the environment in which dust mites survive in. While you likely never completely rid your home of these tiny mites, there are lots of things you can do to keep them at bay. By creating an unfavourable environment for them to live in will go a long way in limiting the possible health-related ailments that they may cause.

Protects Your House

High humidity levels can destroy your home’s architectural integrity. Over time, condensation can affect the wood in your home, including the support beams, causing them to warp, crack or even split. Mould can start to grow in the wall. Moreover, metal fittings may start to rust. All because there is too much humidity in your home. A dehumidifier is an easy way to prevent your home from slowly deteriorating, while simultaneously creating a healthier living environment for your family.

Helps You Feel Comfortable

When moisture is present in your area, temperatures may feel warmer than they actually are. By removing moisture from the air, you can feel more comfortable without having to crank up your air conditioner. In fact, you could probably raise the temperature on your thermostat and make your house more energy-efficient, as a result. This is especially true throughout the warmest times of the year.

Different Sizes Available

Before making any kind of purchase, it is important to figure out the size of a dehumidifier that is properly suited for your home. Dehumidifiers remove moisture in terms of pint capacity, emphasizing each device’s reservoir size.

Small Rooms

For lightly damp or small rooms, such as laundry rooms or bathrooms, a dehumidifier with a capacity of 25-40 pints is recommended for that area size.

Mid-Sized Rooms

For mid-sized rooms, such as rooms with excessive levels of moisture or bedrooms, a dehumidifier with a 40-59 pint capacity is suggestable.

Large Rooms

For larger rooms, including living rooms or other open living spaces, a dehumidifier with a 60+ pint-capacity is advisable.

Basements, Garages & Crawlspaces

If your garage, basement or crawlspace needs to be treated as well, a dehumidifier above 60-pint size is generally recommended. However, there are specially-designed dehumidifiers designated for these areas. We would recommend using one of those, if possible, especially if the mini dehumidifier will be used in that area for prolonged use. The above room sizes typically cover the standard home. However, if you require an even larger dehumidifier, then you may want to look into getting a commercial dehumidifier or an and industrial-grade one. Units rated with a capacity of 70 pints or less are perfect for residential use, while larger-sized dehumidifiers are good for commercial and industrial settings. Such as factories, warehouses, and server rooms.

However, keep in mind that a larger dehumidifier is not necessarily better. However, the performance of a dehumidifier is affected by the size and humidity levels in the area being treated.

Many Budget-Friendly Options

Before you rush out and spend a lot of money on a dehumidifier, it is necessary to research the different types and brands available for you. Once you know this, it will be significantly comfortable to find the best dehumidifier for your home or situation. Larger capacity dehumidifiers are generally more expensive, because of their ability to treat large spaces. Additionally, the same can be stated about the brand you are buying. You may need to pay a little more upfront, but you will get more from the device over time.

Depending on your intent with the appliance, the price can change widely. If you have a specific price in mind, narrowing down your options based on a dehumidifier’s features will not only help find an appliance in your price range but also to find a dehumidifier designed for your objective. This is why it is important to know what and where you plan on using the unit.

Portable & Convenient

Having a dehumidifier with mobile capabilities are very convenient, especially for long-term use. Nowadays, it is pretty much standard that a dehumidifier is provided with casters and carrying handles. However, if not, this is a must-have option we would suggest. Not only will it make it easier to use on a daily basis, but also, it will make it easier for you to move from one area of your home to another. This will allow you to buy one dehumidifier and use it strategically in your home. Hence, you need not buy multiple systems designated for multiple areas in your house.

Energy Efficiency Helps You Save Money

When a device has an Energy Star rating it means the dehumidifier is able to operate in an energy-conscious manner to help you save energy. That means you are able to cut down on your utility costs. Not only will this help create a healthier environment for you and your family, but also, you can save money in the process. In order for a dehumidifier to become Energy efficient dehumidifier, it must meet strict guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Maintenance must be Easy & Quick

Search for a dehumidifier with a top-loading filter. This best feature allows for very simple and quick maintenance. While many dehumidifiers require the internal reservoir to be taken out in order to change or clean the filter, dehumidifiers with this feature have a convenient compartment on top that provides immediate access to the filter. This cuts down on time spent trying to open the unit and prevents an unneeded mess from occurring. And removing and emptying an internal reservoir will lead to an undesired mess at some point.

Automatic Shut-Off Saves You Time & Energy

Designed to further cut down on energy costs, dehumidifiers with an automatic shut-off feature use intelligent software to actively monitor your space’s climate and will shut down once the desired humidity level has been reached. In addition, units with this feature will also shut down once the internal reservoir is full. Another must-have feature when it comes to buying a dehumidifier for your home, automatic shut-off will ensure that the device only operates at their best ability.



If you want a dehumidifier with a built-in pump we suggest having this 70 pint dehumidifier as good alternatives. If having a built-in pump is not important but you still require pump drainage then we suggest having a separate condensate pump. These 70-pint dehumidifier is a little bit less expensive compared to other dehumidifiers. I request you to have this best dehumidifier to maintain the humidity levels in your home. Hope you really liked these dehumidifier reviews. Stay tuned to us to get latest and updated dehumidifier reviews. Thank you!!!

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