AUZKIN 2200 Cubic Feet Dehumidifier DH-CS01 – Extremely Quiet and Portable!

It is beyond our control to keep the humidity, moisture and dampness outside our homes what we can do is install dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers can be a great addition to any space that retains humidity, as they can help induce comfort. AUZKIN 2200 Cubic Feet Dehumidifier has proven to be extremely successful in most cases, given the size of it fits the space where you have placed it. It has been tested within our bounds to understand whether it is the right fit for the claims it holds up. Experience we had has been detailed out in this AUZKIN Small dehumidifier review, for you to make an informed decision.

High-efficiency dehumidification has been endorsed as the key feature for the AUZKIN air dehumidifier and it fares well on its word. One-button start up design makes the appliance extremely convenient for use while the auto shut off adds to its efficiency. Combining great features like these with the whisper-quiet technology, this dehumidifier becomes a complete package for any space that measures up to 260 sq. ft. in area coverage.

AUZKIN Small Dehumidifier Review (2023)

1. Design

Portability is something one can’t look over when buying a dehumidifier, hence it is the foremost feature that we tested in the AUZKIN Small Dehumidifier for 2200 Cubic Feet. Results have shown that it is a mini size machine which is perfect for a corner where it won’t be as visible. The same will also allow the user to move around the dehumidifier as per requirements. Moreover, Ultra-Quiet Peltier Technology that has been incorporated into the design. This allows the dehumidifier to function as efficiently as it does and remove up to 450 ml of water from the air, amounting to 16 oz of moisture being removed per day by the dehumidifier, that too in an environment where the temperature is 86 degrees and the humidity is 80%.

2. Energy Saving

Given no one wants to pile up energy bills, it is always best to look for an appliance that doesn’t save up for you. Our experiments with the AUZKIN 260 sq. ft. Results have shown that that it is an energy efficient appliance with a power consumption of 40W/hour which amounts to 0.96kW of electricity being consumed when it has been put to use for 24 hours. Eventually, this has proven to be a money-saving when compared with other variants for the job. The dehumidifier being environment friendly is also something that has been taken into account here, which makes it energy efficient. Start-up and shut off being simple processes is what has come up as a reason for the efficiency as per the tests done for this AUZKIN Small dehumidifier review.

3. Area Coverage

For an appliance like a dehumidifier, area coverage plays a key role as it determines whether it is genuinely efficient or not. As for AUZKIN 260 sq ft Dehumidifier, it covers just the right area for its efficiency to match up with the ‘small’ in its name. 2200 cubic feet or 260 sq. ft. ground coverage is good enough for a small bedroom and even for personal use. Wardrobes, lockers are some of the best spots where one can place the dehumidifier because those are the usual places where moisture builds up. Bigger ones would become rather oppressive in such spaces. 

4. Tank Capacity

Water tank incorporated into the system of this best dehumidifier for RV, has a capacity of 1000 ml. Lights indicates way before the entire 1000 ml filled up. This is because, you can empty the water tank in time. For small dehumidifiers like what AUZKIN is offering, tank capacity usually expected less. But having the same feature under key highlights is a great benefit. Our tests also show that it delivers well on what has been indicated by the brand. Also, you can easily clean the same tank once it fills up. So this is another convenience with this product.

5. Auto Shut-off

One of the key reasons why this small dehumidifier for bedroom comes out to be as efficient is that it has been designed with intelligence being imparted into its features. Auto shut off feature proves to be one such evidence as per our experience. As soon as the rated capacity has been accomplished, a red light flashes on the water storage tank. This indicates that it is time to empty the water, saving you effort of keeping a check for the same. Auto shut off programmed into it, once this happens.



  • Brand : AUZKIN
  • Item model number : DH-CS01
  • Product Dimensions : 5.7 x 5.7 x 8.9 inches
  • Item Weight : 3.29 pounds
  • Coverage Area :54-260 sq.ft
  • Power Consumption : 40W/hour
  • Water Tank Capacity :35oz(1000ml)
  • Decibel :35-39dB
  • Warranty : 1 year


Is this AUZKIN 2200 Cu Ft Dehumidifier battery operated?

The AUZKIN DH-CS01 dehumidifier is not battery operated, it has to be plugged in for it to be working. A 1.5-meter American Standard 2 flat-pin plug has been included for convenience.

Can the holding tank of AUZKIN DH CS01 Dehumidifier be opened to clean it?

The holding tank can be taken out every time you dispose off the collected water, at the same time it can be cleaned as well.

Does this AUZKIN DH-CS01 Small Dehumidifier increase the temp while running?

A temperature change is something that won’t happen with the use of the dehumidifier. The change that one would feel is the removal of moisture.

Do you need a filter with this AUZKIN 2200 Cu. Ft. Dehumidifier?

Any additional components like a filter will not be required for this best dehumidifier for basement, garage, bedroom, etc.

Final Thoughts

Experimentation and discussion bring us to the conclusion that this best home dehumidifier from AUZKIN is good for personal use and is meant for smaller spaces that have odor and moisture problems. With its efficient design and smart technology, it can very well remove a considerable amount of moisture and result in a much more comfortable environment.

Personal use seemed like the best use that this dehumidifier can be put to as it is easy to move around and all it needs is to be plugged in. Also, it is very efficient in smaller spaces like a wardrobe. Above all, it is a very convenient appliance to have around the house if you happen to be living in a humid climate.

Cleaning up after use isn’t much trouble too as we experienced hence, we would definitely recommend it for personal use, as it has also been detailed in this AUZKIN Small dehumidifier review. If you have a bigger space then a bigger model is something you would have to look for.

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