COSVII 68-Oz. Small Dehumidifier – Easy to Operate with its One-button Switch!

Dehumidifiers are meant to improve the quality of your daily life by making your spaces moisture-free. It is also kind of an essential investment if any of your family members has allergies or asthma, as a dehumidifier may work as an instrument to ease their discomfort to a certain extent. COSVII small dehumidifiers have a different place in customers’ minds as it offers some supreme quality dehumidification in your house. This Dehumidifier does not fail to soak up that extra moisture in your house’s atmosphere, which often leads to grave problems later, including damp walls, enhanced risk of getting sick, and mildew and mold that are efficient to make your house weak from the core. 

COSVII electric dehumidifiers are able to work in a fairly large room and a medium-sized living room as the capacity for this Dehumidifier is about 450 square feet. This COSVII closet dehumidifier works best in closed areas, so remember to keep your space closed before making use of the same. It surpasses the lines of expectation as this small dehumidifier has a not so small dehumidifying capacity of 23 to 34 oz of moisture in a day. The attached water tank can stock up to 2000 ml or 68 oz of water. So after 2 or 3 days of working with its maximum dehumidifying capacity, this water tank would need to be emptied. Keep reading this COSVII Small Dehumidifier review as we put this unit on testing for your better understanding.

COSVII Small Dehumidifier Review of 2023

1. Coverage Area

Cosvii small Dehumidifier 2000 ml can be proved to be the best dehumidifier for bedroom. It has a capacity of dehumidifying rooms of 107 square feet up to 450 Square feet. Generally, a regular-sized bedroom falls between 140 to 200 Square feet of space, which is why this Cosvii 68 oz. Dehumidifier works best with your bedroom.

You can consider placing this COSVII portable dehumidifier in your living room, as well as it would work there also just right. In fact, your kids’ small room can also be a perfect choice to store this in. Besides, to keep your house’s dampest sites, which is storeroom or bathroom, free from excessive humidity, this unit has no match.

2. Efficient Dehumidification

The whole point of having a dehumidifier in your house is to get rid of that excessive patchiness prevailing in the room instantly. Keeping in mind the main motive, COSVII 68 oz unit is the best dehumidifier for a bedroom you would find around. This dehumidifier works best when the temperature of your space is above 59 degree Fahrenheit. Nothing less than 59° F is suitable for this Dehumidifier to work at its fullest.

Also, you got to make sure that relative humidity in the space you want to store this COSVII Portable Mini Dehumidifier is 35%, at the least. This humidifier can soak up to 36 oz of moisture a day when the temperature is 86° F and relative humidity is 80%. It does not need to be stressed that COSVII electric dehumidifier gives an extremely efficient rendition for dehumidifying.

3. One Key Control

Your objective behind purchasing a dehumidifier is to live a life without moisture all around the space simply. We get to see a lot of dehumidifiers with large structures and a bunch of control buttons while delivering less than what they promise. Sometimes it seems that the controls are overboard with quantity while compromising with the quality. But here in this COSVII 2000ml Small Dehumidifier, you get what you see with only one controlling key, which ensures the turning on and off this dehumidifier device. It makes it a lot easier for you to have a simplified control over all those extra humidity.

4. Detachable Water Tank

What makes this COSVII 68-Oz Dehumidifier a truly perfect choice is its easy to use built up. Dehumidifiers with fixed water tanks often proved to be of great complication as you can neither empty the bucket with ease nor take the tank out for cleaning purposes. But COSVII 68oz Dehumidifier Is not one of those dehumidifiers which cause much trouble to hamper your user experience.

The water tank of COSVII Compact dehumidifier is detachable, so you can take this bucket out whenever you feel like this tank is full of water. You have to bring the tank out of this unit, open the lid attached to it, and you are good to go for emptying the bucket. This lightweight tank is not very tough to be manually cleaned either. After the cleaning or emptying done, but this tank right in the cavity of COSVII dehumidifier without having to invest much time.

5. Energy-Efficient

COSVII 480 Sq.Ft Dehumidifier is not only great at producing the best result for your house atmosphere, but it is also the best cheap dehumidifier you would come across. It is not only way less expensive than regular dehumidifiers, but it also makes sure that you do not have to spend extra bucks to pay the electricity bills.

You can keep this Dehumidifier turned on for a whole day and still would find after that day that this Dehumidifier has not used more than 1.15 kW of power, which means that this COSVII basement dehumidifier consumes only about 48 watts of power after a full day of service. It is highly recommended that you better avoid a 24 hours non stop usage of this Dehumidifier if you want a long-lasting service of the same.

6. Auto Shut Off Function

It is not unusual for people to keep a dehumidifier turned on and fall asleep in the room. In that case, a question arises on whether this attached water tank would be overflowing with water if the bucket is full. You can not wave this possibility off as long as you are using any other dehumidifier, but if you have this COSVII 68-Oz.

Small Dehumidifier in your house, you can remain at peace, knowing this tank would never overflow. Yes, it has an auto shut off feature that senses when this tank is full of water and then automatically turns itself off to save you from having to mop your floors. Plus, there is more to it, as this smart Dehumidifier remembers the previous settings perfectly so that you do not have to go set those every time you turn this Dehumidifier on.


Specifications of COSVII 2000ml Small Dehumidifier

  • Brand : COSVII
  • Model : Inverter
  • Dimensions : 8.19 x 5.9 x 13.27 inches
  • Item Weight : 4 Pounds
  • Floor Area : 480 Square Inches
  • Capacity : 4.3 Pounds
  • Air Flow Capacity : 0.5 Cubic Meters per Second
  • Water Tank Capacity : 2L
  • Power Cord Length : 2.4 meters
  • Dehumidification : 700~1000ml per day


How many watts does this COSVII 2000ml safe dehumidifier use for one hour?

This Cosvii 2000 ml safe dehumidifier uses 48 watts of power for full day usage. So it is believed to consume as little as 2 watts of power for one hour of usage.

Does the fan of COSVII 2000ml Dehumidifier run even when its not pulling in moisture?

The fan of Cosvii 2000 ml dehumidifier runs when there is excessive humidity in the room. It does not pull moisture when the humidity level is below the required percentage, 35%. The fan turns off automatically when the tank is full of water.

Is this COSVII 68oz Small Dehumidifier easy to clean?

Yes, Cosvii 68oz small dehumidifier is very easy to clean. Take the water tank out and runs it with fresh water. The whole unit can be rinsed with water and cleaned.

Can this COSVII dehumidifier 2000ml be used with your windows open?

We highly recommend not let any windows or doors be opened while COSVII 2000 ml dehumidifier is turned on. Open windows would let more moisture put pressure on this dehumidifier, leading to damage of performance.


After testing out all its features, we made our decision while making sure no kind of partiality clouded our judgment. Throwing light on its compact size, efficient dehumidifying, less power consumption, low noise level, and everything else, we can not say that we could be more impressed. COSVII Small Dehumidifier was at its best format when we started testing this product for our readers. It can keep an area of 450 square feet clean and dry. Also, it does not consume more than 1.15 kilowatts for 24 hours of continuous operation. It is the best small dehumidifier for bathroom with a capacity to soak almost 34 ounces of moisture each day. The eater tank capacity is 2000 ml, which is pretty big for collecting moisture.

Dimensions of COSVII quiet dehumidifier is 8.19×5.9×13.27 inches with a feather lightweight of 3.97 pounds. At the end of this COSVII small dehumidifier review, we would love to suggest you this unit for your home without any hesitation!

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