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Have you ever notice a problem with excess moisture? So, you are definitely searching for a strong dehumidifier? If your reply is yes, then you should consider the Danby DDR60A3GP Dehumidifier. This humidity control system of this best dehumidifier offers many exciting features and pulls a lot of moisture from the air in one day. 

However, we have gathered all the related information that you need to have to make a wise decision. The report below explores the performance, features and even weaknesses of this Danby 60 pint dehumidifier. By the time you are through, you will be able to decide whether this is the best solution for your dehumidification needs or not. Let us enter the Danby dehumidifier reviews.

Danby DDR60A3GP Dehumidifier Review 2019

The Danby DDR60A3GP Premiere 60-Pint ​dehumidifier is designed to keep your home cool as well as free from excess humidity and its effects, including moulds and mildew. The Danby dehumidifier is installed with dual drainage options. These may include 6.5 feet hose, removable water bucket and an integrated condensate pump. 

However, this feature adds convenience during operation. The Danby DDR60A3GP has a capacity of removing up to sixty pints of moisture from the atmosphere in your room per day. Hence, with such a capacity, the Danby can cover a room size of up to three thousand six hundred square feet. 

The Danby premiere 60 pint dehumidifier can function correctly in spaces of cool temperatures (41°F). In addition, the Danby 60 pint has auto defrost capabilities, which prevents ice-build up on the unit’s coils. The Danby DDR60A3GP recommended room coverage is 1,000 square feet. However, it can cover up to 3,600 square feet.

The installed fan of this Danby 60 pint dehumidifier is engineered to shut off automatically when the preferred humidity percentage is achieved. Moreover, this is an energy star certified system. Hence, Danby does not only have more efficient and convenient refrigeration coils but also high-quality fans. 

The Danby premiere dehumidifier installed with electronic controls with a remote. The humidity controls of these Danby premiere 60 pint dehumidifiers are made up of the auto-sensing humidistat, a twenty-four-hour timer, and two fan speeds. Moreover, they can effectively be controlled with the system remote. The Danby DDR60A3GP has quiet whisper operation. However, this small dehumidifier is made to operate at a moderately low noise level of 55dB. It is also incorporated with a washable filter, which can conveniently be removed and washed. Hence, saving you additional filter replacement costs.

Danby premiere 60 pint dehumidifier FEATURES

  • 60 U.S. pint (28.4 litres) capacity per 24 hours
  • Electronic controls
  • Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant
  • For areas up to 4,000 sq. Ft. depending on conditions
  • 2 Fan speeds (High/Low)
  • A low-temperature that allows the system to operate till the temperature reaches 41ºF (5ºC)
  • Auto Restart feature
  • Energy Star compliant
  • Direct drain feature for continuous operation
  • Auto de-icer prevents ice build-up on coils
  • Easy to cleanThe removable air filter
  • Internal condensate pump for easy drainage
  • Rolling Castors for easy portability

This Danby dehumidifier comes very well packaged, and the also setup instructions are easy to follow. Danby DDR60A3GP dehumidifier has a portable and elegant design. This mini dehumidifier weighs 40 pounds (19 kilograms) that are less than most of the other dehumidifiers. The design of this top rated dehumidifier enables to move it freely throughout your area. The rolling casters and carrying handles makes it even more simple to do. On the top of this Danby Premiere 60 pint dehumidifier is a soft touch (electronic) control panel with more number of functions and dehumidified dry air vent. In front of the Danby dehumidifier are an air filter, moist air intake and bucket. The dimensions of this unit are Height x width x depth is 24 x 15 x 12 inches.

If you use water container to remove water than you have to empty container for 2-4 times per day. It could be very annoying. If you use drain hose, then you may need any maintenance. However, the Air filter must be checked and cleaned regularly for every two weeks to maintain maximum operating efficiency. Here, the cleaning process is easy. Filter comes out with one hand movement. Clean the filter with the help of a vacuum cleaner or wash it with clean water and dry it with a dry cloth. Moreover, the Danby DDR60A3GP dehumidifier is Energy Star-rated for higher efficiency and money-saving performance. The Max energy usage of this best dehumidifier is 640W (Average in class is more than 700W).


Brand Danby
Display Type
Digital LED
Hose Length
6.5 feet
Bucket features
Front-access with water level indicator, Automatic shutdown once bucket is full
Coverage area (square)
4000 (Depending on conditions) square feet (1,233.6 m2)
Air fan speeds
Minimum operating temperature
41 °F
Maximum operating temperature
95 °F
Width (inches)
15. 25
Height (inches)
Depth (inches)
Air filter
Washable with bottom pull-out access
Available colours
2 Years
Rolling casters
Preset programs
Up, Down, Power, Fan Speed, Timer, Celsius/Fahrenheit
120 volts
Compressor type


The Danby is a name of a line of appliances marketed by Danby Products Ltd. The company Danby claimed the largest market share in the compact appliance category in North America. Moreover, Danby is not a manufacturer. It is affiliated with manufacturers in Mexico, China and the United States. The first products from Danby are hot plates and slow cookers. Danby also sold an early form of a portable air conditioner. Current products are marketed under brand names such as Danby, Danby Diplomat, Danby Designer, Danby Premiere, MicroFridge. The household appliances of Danby are microwaves, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, chest freezers, wine coolers, air conditioners, etc.


  • The Removable water container has 15 pints (7 litres) capacity. Hence, named as a large removable water tank
  • Capacity of removing moisture from the air is the 60 pints per day, and it can cover up to 3,600 square feet of room space
  • Internal condensate pump that equipped with this dehumidifier is a great feature which other dehumidifiers doesn't have in this class. Moreover, this feature makes it possible to empty condensate vertically if needed
  • It has a humidistat; adjustable range is within 30% RH to 90% RH
  • The display shows current humidistat
  • This best Danby dehumidifier has an Automatic defrost function with defrost light
  • The timer that is equipped with Danby 60 pint dehumidifier is to set a specific time when to turn off dehumidifier
  • Moreover, the C/F button of Danby dehumidifier ddr60a3gp switches screen between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • An automatic restart allows the dehumidifier continue to operate with the default settings once power returns
  • The Full bucket light illuminates when the water tank is full
  • The Danby 60 pint dehumidifier is installed with the following: auto fan shutoff, a noise level of 55dB, removable, washable filter, electronic controls
  • It is also equipped with two drain hoses 7ft. And 16 ft., auto defrost mechanism, four rolling casters, and auto restart capability
  • This best Danby mini dehumidifier also equipped with two drain hoses 7ft. And 16 ft., auto defrost mechanism, four rolling casters, and auto restart capability
  • Danby Premiere dehumidifier ddr60a3gp also comes with a Washable air filter
  • This can operate effectively at temperatures as low as 5°C


  • Auto restart on power failure
  • Elegant design
  • Auto defrost
  • Full bucket indicator
  • Casters and handles
  • Electronic control panel
  • 24-hour timer
  • Low-temperature operation
  • Energy star qualified


  • The water tank could be bigger
  • Only two fan speeds

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a strong and the best dehumidifier for your large room or basement, then the Danby DDR60A3GP is a good option. This portable dehumidifier is capable of pulling up to 60 pints of moisture in a day. Unlike most other dehumidifiers in the market today, this smart Danby Dehumidifier features a built-in pump and comes with a remote control. If you prefer appliances that have numerous features, then this Danby is designed to meet your preferences. Hence, you can easily choose and pick this as one of your home appliances. Hope you all enjoyed this nest Danby dehumidifier reviews. Thank you! Happy shopping and make a smart buy!

60 U.S. Pint Capacity Per 24 Hours. Good for Areas Up To 4,000 Sq. Ft. Energy Star Compliant & Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant. Equipped with 2 Fan Speeds.

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