Eva Dry Edv 1100 Petite Review – Best Portable Dehumidifier for Bathrooms & Small Rooms

Eva-Dry Edv-1100 Petite Dehumidifier Review 2023

Eva-Dry EDV-1100 is a very stylish dehumidifier with a compact design which is lightweight and portable. The Peltier technology used in the making of the Eva dry dehumidifier helps it to operate quietly without making any noise. To help you make the wise decision, here we are giving the in-depth Eva-Dry Edv-1100 Petite Dehumidifier Review.

The noise that Eva dry mini dehumidifier makes is 50.9 dB noise which is less than the noise made by regular thermoelectric units, i.e., upto 53.2 dB. It won’t harm your workspace and beauty sleep at any cost. The product is compact and made of high-quality materials. It is also most portable as it is the smallest-lightest dehumidifier available in the market with thermoelectric cooling technology.

The Eva Dry Edv 1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier is very low on power consumption and energy optimal helping you in saving your electricity bills and saving energy also. The product is very easy to set up without any problem. Just plugin, and it starts working without any extra efforts.

It also has an auto-shutoff feature which helps to turn off the unit when the water tank is full, and it needs draining. Moreover, the product is perfect for small to mid-size rooms, i.e., around 1100 Square ft, which it can easily dehumidify by reducing the level of moisture in the air. Also, check out features and specifications in this Eva Dry Dehumidifier Review for more knowledge.


  • Automatic Start
  • Internal Pump
  • Auto Defrosting feature
  • Wheels
  • Reusable Air Filter
  • Silent and quiet
  • Eco-Friendly product

1. Automatic Start

It doesn’t matter what kind of a dehumidifier you want for your home but just make sure that it has an automatic start feature. Almost all dehumidifiers will have this feature. If not, you shouldn’t miss it. Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifier has this feature.

The automatic start feature will make things easier for you as it will dehumidify your home and keep it moisture free all around. You can set up the settings once, depending on the temperature and humidity level inside your home and have not to worry about it.

Suppose the power goes out the dehumidifier will be shut off during this time and when the light comes on you will have to not to worry about changing the settings again because it will automatically restore the earlier settings and start operating as it was before.

All you have to do is once set up and leave everything else to dehumidifier without checking it from time to time. The automatic shut off will also shut the unit automatically when not needed and will allow you to live in a dehumidified, breathable and comfortable living environment which is free of all moisture.

2. Internal Pump

The main reason behind buying a dehumidifier is to reduce or remove the humidity level by eliminating the moisture present in the air of the room. It will be very convenient to buy a dehumidifier which is very easy and simple to use.

There are many models available in the market with an internal pump within them which is very useful for you in many ways. The primary function of the internal pump inside the dehumidifier is that it allows the draining system to operate more efficiently.

The continuous drainage system will have not to fret over emptying the water tank again and again. The feature doesn’t require for you to check up on it again and again. But, if once set up properly it won’t need anything after that and will continuously keep draining the water

This feature comes in very handy for people who don’t have time to keep tabs on the dehumidifier. The internal pump feature is available in various types and kinds of portable dehumidifiers which are not very expensive and readily available in the market.

3. Auto Defrosting Feature

You might already know that areas with a lower temperature require desiccant dehumidifier to avoid making it colder than it already is. That is because the desiccant dehumidifiers don’t require to cool the air before dehumidifying. If not, you can buy the refrigeration dehumidifiers that come with auto defrosting capabilities which works properly even when the air is extremely cold.

You can use this defrosting feature whenever the temperature is going down and getting colder to avoid any kind of problems like freezing. But remember that a desiccant unit and a dehumidifier with defrosting feature are your options if you live in cold areas and want to avoid freezing up along with the proper working of the unit to remove the moisture from the air.

4. Wheels

If you’re looking for a portable and best small dehumidifier, then it will be convenient if they had wheel as you will be able to place them wherever you want. Even though most of the portable dehumidifier’s models are very lightweight, it could be very difficult to move them from one room to another on your own frequently. But if the portable dehumidifier comes with wheels, then it makes it very easy to move it from one place to another in your home.

The dehumidifiers with wheels in them will make transporting very easy and less burdensome to move around the home. It avoids the risk of picking up the unit and moving around, which could hurt your back and also prevents the risk of unit falling out of your hands

This feature will both keep you and the Eva Dry Portable Dehumidifier safe. It’s not like you would want to keep the dehumidifier stick to one place. You can freely move it around the house and keep all the places in your home, dehumidified. The wheels feature has been appreciated and impressed by a lot of users around the world for its advantages.

5. Reusable Air Filter

A dehumidifier with a reusable air filter saves you a lot of money and energy. Mostly you will find in the market that there are many portable models available with the feature of a reusable air filter. A reusable air filter is basically the filter which can be removed from the dehumidifier, washed & cleaned and reused again placing it back it in the unit

It will work exactly how it was doing before, after cleaning and placing it back inside. As you already know the biggest advantage of this feature is to avoid going to stores and spending money on buying replacement air filters every now and then. The reusable air filter saves you a lot of time, energy and money of buying the replacements filter. Now, while buying a dehumidifier, make sure to look for reusable air filter feature for your ease and convenience.

6. Silent and Quiet

As technology advanced, there are a higher number of dehumidifiers made available, which are quiet and silent. It is right that there are dehumidifiers in the market which are very loud and disturbs the whole peace of your house. No one would like to buy a dehumidifier which makes noise always creating disturbance in the home.

Most of the people are even afraid to buy dehumidifiers because of their sound problems. But you will be happy to know that there are dehumidifiers available in the market with silent mode doing their job without even knowing that its there.

The users and consumers very much appreciate the silent feature because it operates so quietly without bothering, irritating and disturbing you in any way. You can dehumidify your home without any disturbance and eliminate the moisture inside your home.

Make sure your dehumidifier has this feature of silent operation. Also, there are dehumidifiers which vibrate during their work, and it makes a buzzing sound like a bee. It could be pretty annoying. So we need to make sure the dehumidifier is also vibration-free and silent. You will find many dehumidifiers with many unique functions, but this is the essential feature that you and everyone else would desire. After testing many products, this Eva Dry 1100 Dehumidifier is proved as one of the quiet thermoelectric units.

7. Eco-Friendly Product

The people around the world are increasingly getting aware of the environmental problems arising. Both the producers and consumers know the importance of the environment, and so they make & buy things accordingly. Mostly dehumidifiers available in the market are eco-friendly as they do not make use of anything chemical while working.

Without any use of chemical or anything that would harm our environment, the eco-friendly dehumidifiers will work efficiently in removing or reducing the moisture present in the air inside the room. Moreover, the natural resources are limited, and needs are unlimited.

The dehumidifiers in the market are cost-effective with lower power consumption and energy-efficient stars saving electricity while operating. Hence, picking an environmentally friendly dehumidifier is not going to be difficult and also would be a wise decision as you will not be harming our ecosystem in any way.



  • Manufacturer : Eva-dry
  • Product Model No : EDV-1100
  • Product Dimensions : 6.4 x 11 x 5.2 inches
  • Item Weight : 1 pounds
  • Color : White
  • Warranty : 1 year manufacture warranty



The filter is the plastic part on top of the Eva-Dry EDV-1100. It pops off, and you can use a soft brush to clean it.


Eva-Dry EDV-1100 uses 0.07 kW/hr. More simply, it consumes about 70 watts.


The size of Eva-Dry EDV-1100 is very compact, and can fit on a desk as we. It is perfect to use in bathrooms.


The Eva-Dry EDV-1100 does not drain through the hose; it has a 16 oz reservoir.


Eva-Dry EDV-1100 Petite Dehumidifier is an efficient dehumidifier and does not put out much heat.


i) Plug the dehumidifier into a wall outlet in a well-ventilated area,
ii) The renewal process will begin. After just a few hours, it will dry out, turn orange,
iii) Begin using your Eva-Dry EDV-1100 again.


The Eva-Dry Edv-1100 Petite Dehumidifier is a decent product, and if you’re a beginner, then you should buy this as the starter. It is easily capable of dehumidifying a small and mid-sized room, removing all the moisture from its air. Has been given 3.7 stars out of 5 and ranked 38 in all the dehumidifiers. The product is also very inexpensive with some of the impressing features that it offers. The product would be an excellent choice to dehumidify your home and free it from the moisture present in the air of your home, which could be harmful in many ways. It even works as the best small dehumidifier for the bathroom.

Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier White image

Compared to all other thermo-electric dehumidifiers, Eva Dry Edv 1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier produces less noise output that lets you sleep all night peacefully. As it is the smallest unit, you can carry it anywhere. Overall, it is the best choice for the one who is looking for Portable, Easy to Use, Quiet, and Quality Dehumidifier.


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