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Best Friedrich 50 pint Dehumidifier 2019 – Friedrich D50BP Review


Sometimes, people commonly used to get allergies. You know that they can get slightly miserable at times. This is all because, when you live in a humid climate, there are many triggers for these things. the things like dust mites, mildew, mould,  and seasonal allergies. If you really find that you are suffering a lot, a good dehumidifier can help you. Moreover, the Friedrich dehumidifier D50BP is one among them. Household dehumidifiers are beneficiary appliances that help maintain preferred, healthy humidity levels within your space. However, they do so by working to purify the air of excess moisture and prevent bacteria, mould and other particulates from growing. All of which could lead to different health issues in the long-run. Hence, we definitely we need a dehumidifier to get protected from all these issues. Let us read about one of the best 50 pint dehumidifier reviews – Friedrich D50BP.

Friedrich dehumidifier D50BP Reviews 2019

Last update was on: May 19, 2019 10:38 am

The Friedrich dehumidifier D50BP offers a nice range of convenience features as well as powerful performance. This best dehumidifier can help you control the humidity levels in your home, office or another type of space. The Friedrich d50bp is Energy Star approved. It comes with a convenient display screen that gives you the current humidity level and the current temperature of the room. Furthermore, this Friedrich mini dehumidifier equipped with a timer that allows customized 24-hour settings. The Friedrich dehumidifier has two available fan speeds and can operate in temperatures ranging from forty-one to ninety-five degrees. The dehumidifier has indicators on the display panel which indicate when the bucket is full and also shuts itself down when the bucket is full. Again this Friedrich 50 pint dehumidifier will only start functioning again once the bucket has been emptied.

50 pint dehumidifier Friedrich

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This condensate bucket has a carry handle, making the bucket removable. However, this bucket is one of the three options you have to drain the collected water. The Friedrich d50bp features a larger than average storage receptacle. This means you have to spend less effort and time for emptying the dehumidifier. Hence, this is the best 50 pint dehumidifier compared to others available. Moreover, the filter of this portable dehumidifier is completely washable for added convenience. You can also set your desired humidity level between thirty and ninety percent. You can pick from the available continuous drainage feature or standard bucket storage. The D50BP Friedrich also includes a powerful built-in pump that can even move water up to levels that are higher than the device itself. The many convenience features included with this Friedrich D50BP leave very little to be desired. Even by the most demanding of users.

Friedrich D50BP Dehumidifier Features

friedrich dehumidifier d50bp

  • Room Temp and Humidity Readout and Display.
  • Easy Access Storage Bucket.
  • Humidity Setting Available from 30%-90%.
  • Dual Speed Capability.
  • Continuous Drainage with Built-in Pump.
  • Easy Maintenance Filter.
  • Continuous-drainage operation.
  • Digital touch controls.
  • Built in casters for easy moving.
  • Two speed fan.
  • Low ambient operation.

Drainage System of Friedrich 50 pint Dehumidifier

One of the best things about this Friedrich dehumidifier is its drainage features. This mini dehumidifier has three options for drainage, as mentioned earlier. The first option is the manual drainage one, where the water is accumulated in the condensate bucket, and later dumped out when full. The other one is the gravity hose pipe which flows out water that collects inside the portable dehumidifier. The final one is the built-in pump that helps drain the water out of the dehumidifier, either horizontally or vertically. With the hose pipes provided with the Friedrich dehumidifier d50bp, you have any of these three options that suit your needs.

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Frigidaire D50BP Usage

The Friedrich dehumidifier D50BP is pretty easy to use. You just plug that into the power source, select your favoured settings in humidity and time, and then let it do its work. The trolley legs of this Friedrich D50BP make it easy for you to move it to different locations. Moreover, its user-interface is damn easy to use. Overall, your experience of using the dehumidifier is simply superb.

Friedrich D50BP 50 Pint Dehumidifier with Built-In Drain Pump, Front Bucket and Continuous Drain

Last update was on: May 19, 2019 10:38 am
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$269.00 $339.00

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, the Friedrich dehumidifier has an energy star rating. This means that it does not consume a lot of energy. It hence runs efficiently on energy.

Warranty Period of Frigidaire d50bp 50 pint dehumidifier

The warranty given for this Friedrich dehumidifier D50BP is much like that of many other Friedrich goods. You get a one year warranty where should the dehumidifier fail to operate as intended. However, you are free to transport, at your own expense, the dehumidifier to any of the nearby Friedrich outlets for repairs. Moreover, this is applicable only if this 50-pint dehumidifier fails due to poor workmanship or defective parts. And, therefore not because of the carelessness on part of the user.

friedrich dehumidifier

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Friedrich D50BP Specifications

Friedrich dehumidifier d50bp Specs
Product Dehumidifier
Brand Friedrich
Model D50BP
Capacity 50 Pint Capacity
Fan Speeds 2 Speed Fan
Controls Electronic Controls
Direct Drain Connection Yes
Full bucket indicator Yes
Timer Yes
Built-In Pump 15 feet
Width 15 inches
Height 23.2 inches
Depth 12 inches
Weight 44 lbs
Additional features Auto restart
Volts 115
Watts 533
Continuous drain pump Yes
Control type Digital
Operating temperature range 41°F- 95°F
Easy roll casters Yes
Warranty Parts- 12 months

Labour-12 months

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Friedrich d50bp Pros and Cons


  • Great Built-in pump.
  • Good noise output.
  • Friedrich d50bp is constructed using high quality materials and parts.
  • Works well in removing the humidity.
  • Great customer service.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Easy to setup.


  • A bit expensive.
  • The fan runs continuously.

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The company was founded in the year 1883 in San Antonio, by Ed Friedrich. He was a craftsman who invented furniture from horns of longhorn cattle. Then, he also produced other handcrafted products like store fixtures, wood billiard tables and fine, carved cabinetry. For performance, choice, quality, efficiency and service, Friedrich is the best name to know. The Friedrich air conditioners are hard-wearing and hard-working. The commercial-grade products from Friedrich are the best choice for tough environments, from oil rigs to the Kennedy Space Center. They are constructed from the highest-quality materials and components, and hence the systems are built to exacting standards. But still, they are among the quietest and most energy-efficient stocks available.

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If you are looking for one of the best 50 pint dehumidifiers for your home or office, then the Friedrich dehumidifier D50BP is worthy of your consideration. The list of convenience features is on par with most other portable dehumidifiers in its category. The continuous drainage feature with built-in pump sets is the best part of this Friedrich d50bp 50 pint dehumidifier. Even though it may not the quiet dehumidifier available, it offers a nice balance of performance and convenience that can satisfy many consumers like we well. Hence, go with this without any doubts. Hope you all liked this Friedrich dehumidifier reviews 2019. Keep visiting us to get the latest updates on the best and small dehumidifier review. Thank you!! Happy Shopping!!!

9.4 Total Score
Very Good

The BUILT-IN DRAIN PUMP of this Friedrich dehumidifier d50bp can pump condensation vertically or horizontally up to 15 ft. Gives continuous drainage option from rear drain outlet. Displays room temperature and humidity level. Removable condensate bucket with carry handle.

Energy efficiency
  • Great Built-in pump.
  • Good noise output.
  • Friedrich d50bp is constructed using high quality materials and parts.
  • Works good in removing the humidity.
  • Great customer service.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Easy to setup.
  • A bit expensive.
  • The fan runs continuously.
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