Honeywell 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier DH70W – Fits perfectly for Larger Areas!!


Drain system
Energy efficiency

Do your windows have drops of water on them? You may have also seen fog or vapour on the glass. It may happen when your room has too much moisture. And this moisture might be because of excess humidity. Whenever you notice this kind of issue, try to figure out the source of the problem. A dehumidifier willl perfectly resist the moisture and restore the humidity that is present in your house to its appropriate levels. If you are confused to choose Best Dehumidifer for Large Room, once refer Honeywell DH70W Dehumidifier Review.

Yes, this Honeywell DH70W is one of the best 70-pint dehumidifiers you can buy for an affordable price. The excess moisture in your home, especially if it is visible and gathers in a resting place such as windows, can become a breeding place for mould. Hence, make use of this dehumidifier and get rid of all the problems.   

Honeywell DH70W Review 2020

The DH70W Honeywell is designed for  Basement & Large Rooms up To 4000 Sq ft. This commercial dehumidifier collect up to 70 pints of moisture from the air in a day. You need not have to empty its 14.4-pint tank five times a day. It collects only 35 pints of water from the air at room temperature, which however drains continuously. 

On the other side, this 70-pint dehumidifier features a highly effective humidistat control system. It can automatically activate dehumidification by just sensing the moisture level of a room. This digital subsystem of this Honeywell dehumidifier DH70W helps to maintain the set humidity level. We can strongly say it is very accurate. This best dehumidifier comes with a large tank that has a capacity of 14.4 pints. This dehumidifier Honeywell also offers a water level indicator.


Honeywell DH70W 70 pint Energy Star Dehumidifier FEATURES

One thing you might love about this Honeywell dehumidifier is its digital sensors. By selecting a predefined humidity level, you can create a specific atmosphere you want. Pick the humidity level you want and let the Honeywell turn itself on and off whenever that level reached in your room. Some others have their predefined level at which they turn on and off. However, most others require you to turn the device on and off manually.

If your room humidity level changes in the room, this feature is the best choice. It is also great for the one who wants to maintain a certain level of humidity when their pets or plants are away. You can, quite literally, set it and forget about that. And, of course, until it needs to be emptied.

This Honeywell DH70W is a refrigeration-type dehumidifier, it can collect condensation in the form of water. This water will empty into a container that occasionally needs to be opened. As you all know, that opening these containers can be irritating and, sometimes, untidy. Here, you can hook this Honeywell dehumidifier into your plumbing system. Or you can allow it to drain directly into a basement sink, drain, bathtub, or shower.

Moreover, this Honeywell 70 pint dehumidifier does not come with a hose. But sometimes it is better that way because the hoses that come with some particular dehumidifiers are specific to the system and are difficult to replace if they break. On the other hand, this Honeywell works with any regular garden hose.

Unlike many other dehumidifiers available on the market, this Compact dehumidifier filters the air as it removes moisture from your environment. A reusable air filter slides easily in and out of the front of the Honeywell 70 Pint DH70W Dehumidifier. It can easily remove large and small particles from the air, including dust and pet hair. Moreover, to clean the filter, slide it out of its holding place and put it under the tap or garden hose.

Moreover, the Honeywell offers a sound alert as well as a light indicator to inform you when the tank is full. In case you are not available to empty the tank as soon as the system alerted you, no worries, this Honeywell Energy Star Dehumidifier DH70W is designed to stop automatically. Hence, this prevents water spillage in your house. The Honeywell 70 pint Dehumidifier allows you to use a standard garden hose to drain the collected water continuously. The DH70W also features caster wheels that allow you to move it freely by pushing it from one place to another.

If you aren’t able to use the continuous drain option, you may feel a little exhausted about the massive water tank. Don’t worry! This Honeywell 70 pint dehumidifier is on wheels. Hence, you can easily wheel it off to the washroom or wherever you plan to drain it. Remove the tank in that room to reduce the amount of space you must travel across with a filled water tank. It is especially useful for people who are suffering from wrist or arm problems as it prevents them from carrying things distant in the first place.

The DH70W Honeywell offers a 24-hour programmable timer and an auto-restart feature. The timer of Honeywell portable dehumidifier allows you to set when the system goes on and off. Furthermore, the LED display gives humidity level, temperature, and timer settings. Moreover, the side handles make it easy for you to hold it while moving. 


Specification Name Value
Product Dimensions
11.1 x 15.3 x 23.6 inches
Item Weight
43 pounds
70 pint/4000 sq. ft
1 year parts and labor, plus an additional 4 years parts on the sealed system
Water Container Capacity
14.4 Pints
Pint Capacity
70 pints
Full Bucket Indicator/Auto Shutoff
Continuous Drain Capable
Drain hose
Not included
Number of Fan Speeds
Maximum Amperage
7.5 Amps
Maximum Wattage
820 Watts
Filter Type
Number of Filters
110 - 120 Volts





Where are terms of warranty for Honeywell DH70W dehumidifier?

 The warranty comes in the box along with the unit. Honeywell DH70W dehumidifier has a 5-year warranty.

How do I clean the filter on my Honeywell dehumidifier?

The filters are reusable and can be washed once you pop them out. Take out the filters and put them under running water and dry them before replacing

Does the fan always stay on even when the compressor shuts off?

The fan goes on until the Honeywell DH70W reaches a desirable humidity level.

How many Square feet does Honeywell DH70W cover?

Honeywell DH70W covers upto 4000 square feet.

Does Honeywell DH70W 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier have an auto defrost feature?

Yes, Honeywell DH70W 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier has an auto-defrost feature


All in all, the Honeywell DH70W is one of the more reliable dehumidifiers you can spot on market. This portable dehumidifier got all the functionality that you may need. And it can be placed against a wall. The Honeywell dehumidifier DH70W has an average-sized water collection tank, features standard drainage options, and equipped with a standard number of fan speeds. 

Hence, the bottom line is that the Honeywell 70 Pint DH70W is a great choice if you value brand reputation and want the best rated dehumidifier. I can surely say it is an excellent choice if you want the best 70-pint dehumidifier, notwithstanding price. Hope you liked this Dehumidifier review. Visit again to know more about the best Dehumidifiers that are available on the market !!  

ENERGY STAR qualified Dehumidifier removes moisture with less energy than conventional dehumidifiers. 70 pint Medium to Large room or basement dehumidifier effectively removes excess moisture to help protect your home from mould and mildew.

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