Honeywell TP30WK 30 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier – Ideal for smaller rooms!

Dehumidifiers are those home appliance which make your house your “home”. They enhance the quality of air in your house so that you can breathe freely without having to worry about those thousands and thousands microbes that remain suspended in the air and cause severe allergies. Honeywell dehumidifiers are extraordinarily useful when it comes to dehumidify your ambience and purify the air with its brilliant technology. When this Honeywell TP30WK dehumidifier is running, its fan operates in high speed so that moisture-laden air gets pulled towards it and then this air has to pass through a dehumidifying coil. Keep reading this Honeywell TP30WK review for a detailed purchase.

Honeywell TP30WK 30 pint energy star dehumidifier has a dehumidifying capacity of 30 pint which is appropriate for small to medium sized room or living spaces. This dehumidifier has several noteworthy features which help it stand out among the other dehumidifiers. This Honeywell dehumidifier is energy star rated, so this dehumidifier does not cause you a huge amount of electricity bill payment. There is a 24 hours timer which lets you even set the time for how long you want this dehumidifier in operation. There are many more brilliant features to test and therefore we purchased Honeywell TP30WKN Energy Star Dehumidifier to make sure it is worth your money.

Honeywell TP30WK Review for 2023

1. Capacity

Honeywell TP30WK smart dehumidifier for 1000 sq. ft. is a medium sized dehumidifier which suits best when you have a medium sized room or living space. This dehumidifier is capable of dehumidifying area of up to 1000 sq. ft. which is pretty much large for a bedroom. This dehumidifier is string enough purify air of a whole floor if placed in a suitable position from where it can suck up moisture of the whole area. Honeywell dehumidifier can soak up to 30 pint of moisture or 14.2 litres of moisture daily which is a fair amount of humidity removed from air of your house in a regular basis

2. Humidity Control

Controlling humidity of your space can now be easily regulated with this Honeywell dehumidifier TP30WK in your house. When this dehumidifier turned on, the screen would show the current percentage of humidity prevailing in your space. You have to set the humidity percentage that you want you space to have, and for that, you have to make use of those “plus” and “minus” signs which are given in the panel. As you press the plus button, humidity would increase with an increment of 5% and pressing the minus button would do the opposite with a decrease in increment of 5%. Once you have set up your desired relative humidity level in the machine, the dehumidifier would start working towards dehumidifying your space. Recommended relative humidity level in any space is 50%.

3. Control Panel

Honeywell TP30WK 30 pt energy star dehumidifier has a touchscreen smart control panel which has several options for you to choose from. The LED display highlights those options in a clear way and makes it easy for you to read out the given functions without any difficulty and choose wisely from them. This control panel includes functions such as the power controls, humidity control, timer settings, fan speed control, filter alert, sleep mode, water full indicator light and continuous operation light. So basically you have to turn this dehumidifier off and on using this control panel itself. Plus, if you need to change the timer or fan speed or sleep mode, everything is possible with this multifunctional operation panel, placed right on top this dehumidifying machine.

4. Washable Dust Filter

Dust filters in dehumidifiers are used so that the air this machine soaks into, does not contain suspended particles in it which may trigger severe allergy and discomfort in you. The filter actually stops those particles right away and thus, it gets eventually blocked in the filter membrane itself. Generally it costs you more when you know you can not wash the filter of a particular dehumidifier and have to change it every time it deteriorates its filtering capacity. But in this Honeywell dehumidifier, the filter is washable, so whenever you feel that it has been blocked by dust particles, you can take it out and clean it thoroughly with lukewarm water before putting it back unto its place.

5. Speed Settings

Changing speed of the fans that a dehumidifier has is capable to a great extent for changing its total performance. If you feel like you want to dehumidifying your space in a short time, you should definitely consider a dehumidifier which allows you to change it’s fan speed. In this Honeywell best home dehumidifier, you can control the fan speed with it’s digital action panel. There is a symbol of fan with blades which you press for getting a high fan speed settings. When this Honeywell 30-pint 2-speed dehumidifier energy star is set to run with high fan speed, the LED beside that fan symbol would remain lightened up, and if you turn that switch off, the light would go off as well and the fan speed would be set to low.

6. Timer Settings

You should be tension free because with Honeywell 30 pint dehumidifier in your house, you can never forget to turn the dehumidifier off. There are enough instances of switching on the dehumidifier and then totally forgetting that you were supposed to turn it off as well. But Honeywell TP30WK home dehumidifier has timer settings so you can set up the amount of time you want this dehumidifier to run for. Say you want to dehumidifying your space for 3 hours, then you got to set the timer for 3 hours. After the completion of 3 hours, even if you forget about turning it off, the dehumidifier would itself shut it down. The minimum timer settings is for 30 minutes and you can turn it for maximum 24 hours.

7. Filter Alert

Cleaning the filter of your dehumidifier in proper time is a must if you want uninterrupted service from your dehumidifier. It happens quite often that the filter of dehumidifier is blocked by dust and particles of air that gets sucked up and therefore it hampers the quality of dehumidification in your space. You may be unaware of your filter getting blocked and wonder why your room is not anymore dry and fresh. In this case, a filter cleaning alert comes up as the most useful feature. If the dehumidifier notifies you that it’s filter has been blocked by dust, then imagine how easy it would be for you to know beforehand when the filter needs cleaning. Honeywell energy-star dehumidifier TP30WK boasts a filter alert which makes the indicator light shine bright for you to notice that it is time to clean its filter.


Honeywell TP30WK Dehumidifier Technical Specifications

  • Brand : Honeywell
  • Model Number : TP30WK
  • Item Dimensions : 10.5 x 13.2 x 20.1 inches
  • Item Weight : 14 Pounds
  • Operation Mode : Sleep
  • Color : White
  • Number of Pieces : 1
  • Coverage : 1000 sq ft
  • Warranty Description : 1 year parts and labor, 5 years sealed system


What is the amperage pull when running Honeywell TP30WK 30 pt Dehumidifier at full load?

The amperage pull when this Honeywell TP30WK 30 pt Dehumidifier is running at full load is 2.6 amp.

What is the length of cord for Honeywell 1500 sq ft dehumidifier?

The length of cord for Honeywell 1500 square feet dehumidifier is 5 feet or 1.5 metres.

If the power goes out does this Honeywell Energy Star Dehumidifier maintain the previous settings and get back to work?

Yes, it is one the main features of Honeywell TP30WKN energy-star dehumidifier that it maintains the previous settings and gets back to work if the power goes out.

Can Honeywell TP30WK 1000 sq ft Dehumidifier be used with an extension cord?

We do not recommend using this Honeywell dehumidifier for 1000 sq ft with any kind of extension cord.

Is the 30 pint too much dehumidifier for a 9×9 room?

This Honeywell TP30WK is best suited if you have a small space, so turning the fan speed low would be suggested for a 9×9 room. This is even listed as the best dehumidifier for apartment, crawl spaces and other small spaces.


Now that we have finally come to the end of this Honeywell TP30WK review, allow us to summarize this product up for you. This honey well dehumidifier works best for spaces up to 1000 to 1500 square feet, so you can install this dehumidifier in your bedroom, living rooms and in fact, this is the best dehumidifier for basements. You can even place this dehumidifier near your laundry room and experience how this dehumidifier helps your clothes dry in a small time.

This smart dehumidifier can soak up to 30-pint of moisture daily. Therefore, your house remains moisture free and healthy from inside. Its smart action panel lets you choose from a wide range of variety of functions which assists you making your home a happy and safe place for your family. This Honeywell TP30WK energy star 30-pint dehumidifier with washable filter is the best dehumidifier under 200 that you would get to see in the market.

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