How Big of a Dehumidifier Do I Need for your Room?

Many of us have grown accustomed to using dehumidifiers in our homes because of how helpful they have been. They have been one of the best inventions of our time and have shown great results, especially because the weather is not in your control, but you can build your climate inside. Most of us either use a small dehumidifier or mini dehumidifier in our homes, at least to make sure the moisture content is right and comfortable for us to breathe well. It is a good thing for our homes as well, given the mold growth is reduced in walls, etc. 

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How Much Space Do I Need To Dehumidify?

How does the area of space define the size of the dehumidifier you would need? This is the first question anyone should be asking when thinking about the space that needs dehumidification done. The capacity of any small or commercial dehumidifier is calculated in a pint. It is the amount of moisture it can take out in a day. This is why it is necessary to know the square footage of the room you will be placing it in. It is a rule of thumb that a 30-pint dehumidifier can do an excellent job in a 300 sq ft slightly damp space. As you double the area of the space, the required capacity would increase by 10 pints. For a space of size, 500 to 600 sq ft, a 40-pint dehumidifier would be the best option. 

Keep in mind that even for a 300 sq ft space, you might need a 40-pint dehumidifier because of the presence of more moisture. Always choose the one with more capacity if the moisture content tends to fluctuate a lot in your area. See how the area where it has been placed has been divided. Too many walls etc. might be a hindrance that the dehumidifier would encounter, which is why you get whole-house ones as well. 

Dehumidifier Buying Guide

What most of us get confused with when buying a dehumidifier is the size of it that we need to buy. You will usually find them in three sizes, the ones which are meant for home use. These sizes are calculated in pint, which is directly related to the area of the space the dehumidifier will be kept in. The choice of size will also depend on the moisture content of the space and what is your required moisture content in the air inside. All these factors will help you decide the size or the capacity of the dehumidifier you would want. 

Different Types of dehumidifiers

Not every space is the same; some will have more moisture while some will have more walls and less open space. One type and capacity of the dehumidifier will not work for every space correctly. If you wish to keep the relative humidity in check then, some options come with this feature especially. They show the relative humidity regularly so that you are updated at all times. Similarly, whole-house dehumidifiers are needed when moisture is an issue in your entire house. 

70 Pint Dehumidifier

Usually, you will find that 70-pint dehumidifiers are made as whole-house ones themselves because people typically buy them for the same purpose. They also can cover the area of your entire house, which could be around 1500 sq.ft or more.

50 Pint Dehumidifier

If you are looking to do the same for a big living room, then a 50-pint dehumidifier would do as much good. Others are of the same capacity mostly, known as Desiccant dehumidifiers. They are made for small spaces primarily because of their limited capacity or around 50 pints.

They use chemicals to remove moisture, not condensation but can achieve lower humidity levels than others. These types of dehumidifiers are considered better options for patients that need such an environment. 

Steps to Select the Right Dehumidifier for Home

If you wish to select the perfect dehumidifier for your space? Right the room size and pint capacity must consider for sure. You have to follow specific steps that will help you do so. If you do the procedure right, it is assured that you will get the right size of the dehumidifier for the room you have.

  • The first step would be to check the moisture content of the room that needs the machine. You can check this through the aroma it would have. A damp room would be one that has an aroma in humid weather. The condition of the walls will also show you what the situation is. 
  • The second step in the process would be to measure the size of the room. Knowing the area of the room, you have n’t been emphasized enough here. Some dehumidifiers have it mentioned with them, the size of the room they are meant for. You can measure the dimensions for this and calculate the area quickly. 
  • Now, put the two factors together and see what weighs more and which size you would need accordingly. The capacity required will increase with moisture content even if it is the same size as any other rooms using one with much less capacity. A wet room of 500 sq. ft and a damp room of 1500 sq. ft would both end up using a 30-pint dehumidifier. 
  • Once you know what you would want, you need to consider a few other external factors as well. Things like the number of people and the usual moisture content inside your home will matter a lot. Another 5 or 10 pint has to be added to the decided capacity for each of these factors. You might even end up buying a commercial dehumidifier. 


The whole idea at the end is to keep each factor in mind when deciding on how much area you need to dehumidify. Sometimes external factors matter more than the area itself.

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