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Hysure Dehumidifier 700ml Review 2019

Hysure Dehumidifier is small in size but works with great functionality. The Hysure compact dehumidifier is designed with ultra-quiet functionality and also with innovative Peltier technology, and without any moving parts or a compressor that makes this Hysure small dehumidifier lightweight and hushed. Hysure mini air dehumidifier extorts proficiently and hygienically about 300 ml of water in a day at RH80% relative humidity and at 30 degrees Celsius.

Hysure portable mini dehumidifier air is compact enough to effortlessly fix anywhere on the workbench or on the desk. Hysure small dehumidifier stores the extorted water from the air into the spill-proof tank. It has a water tank with a capacity of 700 ml and purifies the air regularly in tiny areas and it is a convenient and flexible choice for small areas and baby rooms. 

Hysure compact dehumidifier consumes very less energy and it has ideal environmentally affable solutions to extract the moisture. It is very simple to operate, just a click on a single button on the display screen, the unit will start working. This even suits as the best dehumidifier for baby room. Find out more about this unit by going through the Hysure Dehumidifier 700ml Review below.

Hysure Mini Air Dehumidifier FEATURES

  • Ultra-quiet technology
  • Compact and flexible for tiny areas
  • Energy saving
  • Automatic shut down
  • Single button control
Hysure Dehumidifier uses Peltier technology without a compressor or any added moving parts that make this unit quiet and light in weight. This appliance does not make any annoying sound and the noise is less than 33 dB.
Hysure quiet and portable Dehumidifier has the water tank with a capacity of 700 ml and this unit extorts 300ml of water from the air per day. It purifies air efficiently in little areas and the Hysure dehumidifier is the convenient choice for tiny indoor areas and baby rooms.
Hysure dehumidifier is the upgraded version without any chemical stuff and consumes less energy. This unit is environmental friendly in extracting moist and condensation. Eco-friendly and saves energy without wastage of electricity.
when the water tank is filled with water completely, this portable dehumidifier will automatically power off and now water is set for taking out.
Hysure portable mini dehumidifier air is controlled with an only single button which is much easy to operate. Just with a click on a single button on the display screen, the unit will start functioning. This simple structure ensures that this unit has less malfunction rate.

Points to consider and pay attention while using this Hysure Small Dehumidifier

  1. For the dehumidifier to work perfectly and safely in a properly ventilated area, do not immerse the power cord in damp or wet areas. 
  2. Clean the unit with a soft cloth and never try to use rough or harsh cleaning products.
  3. When the unit is functioning, make sure that pivot air outlets and frontend air inlets are not blocked.
  4. Before you start using the appliance, verify whether the temperature and relative humidity levels have satisfied the basic needs, that is the temperature is greater or equal to 20 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity is greater or equal to 60%. 
  5. The performance of the dehumidifier is affected based on many factors like temperature, environmental humidity, the space size, speed of airflow, and many more.

Hysure dehumidifier is a decent sized appliance which is just the size of a hand so definitely it is reasonable. On the top of the unit, there is a switch button and on the backside of the unit live insulation is present and at the bottom, a compartment is present that can hold up to 700 ml of water. 

Hysure dehumidifier includes the following:

  • On/Off button
  • Air outlet
  • Hydraulic cut-off
  • AC connector
  • Indicator
  • DC power socket
  • Water displacement hold
  • DC power jack
  • Air inlet
  • Water tank
  • DC power adapter

Switching on:

  1. Hook up the power adapter to the main power supply socket and dehumidifier
  2. Switch on the dehumidifier by pressing the ON/OFF button present on top of the unit and when the unit is turned on, the green LED light will light up
  3. To turn off the unit again press the ON/Off button.

Removing the water from the water tank:

The water tank in the Hysure dehumidifier has a capacity of 700ml. When the tank is filled, the yellow light on the display screen will on and the machine will automatically turn off. When the water tank is full, power off the dehumidifier, first pull the water tank out, then take out the rubber that is present on the water dislocation hole, and now clear the water from this dislocation hole. After clearing the water put back the rubber in its position, and keep the water tank in its slot before you start the unit again. 


By using the soft cloth, clean away all the dirt, debris, and dust present on the surface and air inlets. Make sure the unit is powered off and plug is removed from the wall socket when you are cleaning the dehumidifier. 


  • When the machine is not in use, make sure that the dehumidifier is off.
  • At all times, keep the unit in an upright arrangement to prevent any leakages.
  • The usage of any extension cables may lead to overheating of the device and causes a fire risk
  • Don’t ever try to take out the water tank when the appliance is working. 
  • If you want to store the dehumidifier for a long duration, always clear the complete water from the water tank.

Hysure Compact Dehumidifier SPECIFICATIONS

Brand Hysure
Power supply
100-240 volts AC
Water tank capacity
700 ml
23 Watt
9V/2.5 A
The Greenlight indicates
Unit is turned on
The Yellow light indicates
Water tank is full
Safe ABS plastic
Coverage area
10-20 m/ 108-215 sq.ft
Product dimensions
6.4*4.2*10.5 inches
Batteries required
Batteries needed
Noise level
Less than 33 dB
Extraction capacity
300 ml
Shipping weight
2.75 pounds
Release date
Jan 9, 2019
Coverage area
1200 cubic feet


  • Ultra-Quiet Technology
  • Energy Saving
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Tiny and Easy to Carry
  • LED Indicator


  • Large water tank capacity of 700ml
  • Automatic off
  • LED indicators when the machine started working and when the water tank is full
  • Consumes less power
  • Energy efficient
  • Portable, compact, and lightweight
  • Less noise less than 33 dB
  • Upgraded design
  • Easy to transport
  • Simple to use
  • Single button control
  • Affordable


  • Water drops are present in a damp room
  • Longevity concerns
  • Drying the space takes some time

Bottom Line

This Hysure mini air dehumidifier is a perfect way to battle against condensation, mildew, mold, and musty odors. With a simple operation, the Hysure dehumidifier lowers the humidity levels and helps in improving the overall air quality of the house. In a day, it has the ability to extract 300 ml of water from the air and this Hysure Portable Dehumidifier for Home decreases the humidity levels in an eco-friendly way. 

Hysure 700 ml dehumidifier is the best portable dehumidifier bathroom. As Hysure dehumidifier operates very quietly that is less than 33 dB so it is considered as the best dehumidifier for the baby room. Overall, Hysure dehumidifier 700 ml is the great choice for the people who are looking to get rid of moisture from compact and small places which are lightweight, quiet and even simple to use.

Hysure Mini Air Dehumidifier 700ml makes use of Ultra-quiet technology which gives you pleasant sleep without any annoying sounds. When the tank is full, it automatically shuts off and there is no need of manual checking frequently. All-inclusive, it is the best portable dehumidifier that fits well for the small rooms and it even saves energy.

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