Kesnos 4500 Sq Ft Dehumidifier 70 Pints – Well suited for modern homes!

Dealing with rise in humidity level every household requires a dehumidifier in order to curb the moisture level and provide clean airflow. Kesnos has come up with its new version of dehumidifier which is Kesnos 4500sq.ft dehumidifier for home and basements. This appliance is well designed to give a great performance in large areas, it can be placed in basements, office, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, stockroom, cellars, baby room, crawlspace, etc. 

This appliance fits and looks great in a modern home. The dehumidifier has an impressive capacity of removing moisture from the air, it has a water tank of 4.5 liters and removes almost 70 pints of moisture in a single day (below 950F, 85%RH condition). This appliance comes with 2 drainage systems which are auto drain and manual drain. This appliance has an engaging function in the control panel, here the dehumidifier automatically senses the humidity level in the area and provides accurate dehumidification for the entire room. With this Kesnos 70 pint Dehumidifier review, let me take you into deeper knowledge about the product and the facts we’ve come across about this product after testing it.

Kesnos 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review 2023 (Key Features)

1. Design

Kesnos dehumidifier has a sleek modern look with a full white finish. The dehumidifier has a dimension of 11.81 x 11.81 x 22.83 inches ( L x W x H) and weighs about 31 pounds. The appliance has a capacity of removing 70 pints of moisture each day. Kesnos dehumidifier has 3600 easy-roll wheels and ergonomically placed handles for effortlessly moving the appliance. It has an easy washable air filtration system installed into the device. This dehumidifier is built to fit perfectly for large-sized areas and maintains the humidity level and increases comfort in the house. The appliance works on a smart touch control panel which is placed on the top surface of the device. The machine has auto-frost technology installed in it to avoid the machine from damage by frost.

2. Area Covered

Kesnos 4500sq.ft dehumidifier effortlessly covers large spaces providing cooling and reducing the humidity level. This appliance has a powerful compressor and a 112 CFM system. The dehumidifier can remove all dust, debris, mold, mildew, and growth of dust mite from the air in the room. It is the best dehumidifier for basement, office, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, stockroom, cellars, baby room, crawlspace, etc. This device can also be installed in a baby’s room since the operation of the dehumidifier is whisper-quiet and does not let out any disturbing noises. It removes a good amount of moisture from the air and gives purifies the air which we breathe which helps improve health problems.

3. Drainage System

Kesnos PD253D dehumidifier has two types of drainage system built into it. Auto drain mode, wherein the drain hose channel where one can just attach the hose to it and use it for continuous draining. It drains out all dirt and dust particles effectively. The drain hose which is of length 2m has a 24hr continuous drainage function. Easy controlling manual drain which refers, when the water tank of the dehumidifier is full, there is an indication with a light function that the device will automatically switch off and also switch on automatically when an empty tank is fitted back into the unit.

4. Auto-defrost Technology

Kesnos 70 pints Dehumidifier has an auto-defrost technology in it. In simple words this technology means that it enables to take out more water from the air, the appliance must end cooling of the evaporating coil which lets the ice to melt. An automatic defrosting dehumidifier saves a lot of time in maintenance of the device. This is a must function when using the dehumidifier during cold weather. This function helps the unit to perform without the stress of frost damage. This technology helps the device from freezing and keeps the device in continuous working at 410F. This technology will save you from paying high repair costs for the dehumidifier if it gets frost during cold climate.

5. Intelligent Control Panel

Kesnos large room dehumidifier 70 pint has an easy operating digital control panel and also shows the humidity level readout. There’s an impressive dry mode function wherein the device comes with a laundry-drying mode, simply switch this button on where there are wet clothes, and the device will dry them. Effective timer button on the panel which is used for switching on the auto start and auto stop function.

The lock (2S) feature, is an important feature where its used to lock up the entire control panel in just 2 seconds, this is a good function if there are small children around who might mess up the device’s controls. There’s the simple Power button which is to simply switch on and off the dehumidifier. The touch control panel also bears a speed mode that helps in commanding the fan speed fast/slow. Lastly, the function of dehumidifier, this button helps in commanding the humidity setting up or down a level.

6. Filtration System

4500 sq ft Kesnos crawl space dehumidifier has an excellent filtration system in it. The dehumidifier removes almost 70 pints of moisture each day. The filter blocks all types of dirt and dust particles and lets out clean air. This device eliminates dust and dirt particles from the air even before the air flows through the coil. The appliance comes with reusable filters which are easy to wash, clean and can be installed back in its place. These washable filters help to save a lot of money and can be used for a longer period if its properly maintained. One can easily clean filters by using a soft cloth and water

7. Energy Efficient

When you lookout for a dehumidifier appliance see that it is energy efficient or else you will land up paying huge electricity bills. This Kesnos 4500sq.ft dehumidifier for laundry room, basements and others is energy efficient. It has sensors that automatically changes the level of dehumidification requires for the room. This won’t just create a healthy atmosphere for the home but also saves money. It’s simple, the higher the energy efficiency of the device, the lesser amount of energy it will consume and reduce the electricity bill. The multi fan speed helps in saving energy in the dehumidifier, wherein the fan adjusts the speed depending on the requirements using less energy.



  • Brand : Kesnos
  • Model : PD253D
  • Item Dimensions : 11.81 x 11.81 x 22.83 inches
  • Item Weight : 31 Pounds
  • Floor Area : 4000 Square Feet
  • Color : White
  • Volume : 1.18 Gallons
  • Drain hose : 6.56 feet
  • Warranty Description : 1 year warranty and 2nd year warranty extension


Can I make this Kesnos dehumidifier PD253D work when I am not at home?

Yes, you can use the dehumidifier when you are not home, it will automatically shut off when the water tank is full.

Does this Kesnos PD253D 70 pt. dehumidifier system turns off the fan when it reaches preset level?

Yes, you can have the humidity as per your desired level, the device will turn off once it comes to that level and restarts again when the moisture increases.

What is the noise level of Kesnos 4500 sq. ft. dehumidifier?

Kesnos 4500 dehumidifier is quiet while in function and has a noise level of about 40db.

Does this Kesnos PD253D 4500 Sq. ft dehumidifier have issues with mold growing in the tank area?

No, the Kesnos dehumidifier does not have any issues regarding the growth of mold on the tank area. Clean and maintain the water tank regularly.

Is the reservoir of Kesnos home dehumidifier 70 pints easy to clean?

Yes, the reservoir is easy to clean just use water and a soft cloth to clean it.

Wrapping It Up

Concluding our Kesnos 70 pint Dehumidifier review, it is uniquely designed for large-sized rooms to provide effective dehumidification at every nook and corner of the room. The device had wheels and thoughtfully placed handles for effortlessly moving the device from one place to another. The dehumidifier has various technology installed in it such as auto-defrost, laundry dry, auto shut on/off, and child lock which makes it very multipurpose. Kesnos dehumidifier helps eradicate harmful dust particles and mold which can spoil the furniture in the house and also increase health problems. This dehumidifier is portable and affordable which comes around $200. If you are looking for a high moisture removal capacity and also budget-friendly this is the perfect product to purchase.

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