LONOVE MD303 2200 Cu Ft Ultra Quiet Electric Dehumidifier – Best Pick to Remove Excess Moisture Effectively

At some point or another facing humidity has always been troublesome for all of us. The hot, humid air in our house creates one or the other problems and to get rid of this becomes a need of the hour. This calls for a dehumidifier to squeeze out all the humidity from present air and remove stagnant air replacing it with cool fresh air. What becomes emphasizing is choosing the best suitable one for your place. LONOVE MD303 2200 Cu Ft Dehumidifier is one such model we bought and had a trial run scanning the product deeply for its traits and performance.

Its high-efficiency dehumidification can be justified by the fact that it keeps the moisture level below 45%. With 1100ml tank capacity, this LONOVE closet dehumidifier is ideal for rooms up to 2200 cubic feet areas. Not only for bedrooms, but you can also use this LONOVE 220 Sq ft Mini Dehumidifier for RVing, Basements, and garages. Its auto shut-off feature helps to save energy and time. Extracting all the unwanted moisture helps create a healthy, sustainable environment for us to live comfortably. Our team of experts come up with this LONOVE 2200 Cubic Feet Dehumidifier Review, after hours of research and usage.

LONOVE 2200 Cubic Feet Dehumidifier Review 2023

1. Area Covered

This Mini dehumidifier is an upgraded version, which is an ideal fit for areas of about 2200 cubic feet or approx. 190sq. Ft. to 220sq. Ft. Its high-capacity water tank and thermoelectric cooling technology cover the entire area giving satisfactory results.

LONOVE 220 Sq ft Mini Dehumidifier can work well for bedrooms or any such areas which are prone to stagnant moisture containment. Even for bathrooms, it has always been a struggle to dehumidify it when used by multiple people back to back. This bathroom dehumidifier serves well to solve this purpose. With a conveniently large area to can covered as per the size offered, this basement dehumidifier serves best for its purchase.

2. Competent Dehumidification with 360 degrees air flow

This LONOVE MD303 dehumidifier helps you to keep the moisture level below 45%. This small Dehumidifier with its 34oz (1000ml) tank capacity provides 350ml per day dehumidification at 86℉ and 80%RH. This result is far better than other electric dehumidifiers. It gives the best results when operating at a temperature ranging from 59-86 °F. It will not be fruitful below 41°F temperature. So, you need not settle for less.

LONOVE MD303 2200 Cu Ft Dehumidifier works perfectly for houses as its 360° airflow property ensures fresh air circulation to all corners of the room. Excess moisture is extracted by a Dehumidifier, which sweeps away all the foul smell and circulates the cool fresh air evenly to all corners of the room. Thus, just by keeping it in one corner, you can enjoy its comfort at all angles of the room.

3. Compact and Durable

This LONOVE 220 Sq ft Mini Dehumidifier with a 5.7 x 5.7 x 8.55 inches dimension is compact and easy to store anywhere. Its lightweight of 1.8 pounds can be carried without any difficulty from one room to another. This compact portable Dehumidifier becomes suitable for kitchens and garages also. Thus, being small and conveniently transportable, it does not restrict itself to a single room.

As compared to other models, this LONOVE 220 sq. ft. Quiet dehumidifier comes with a large tank capacity of 1000ml or 34oz. With 350ml per day dehumidification. The tank capacity is sufficient to work for a longer period of time, reducing the stress of emptying the water tank too frequently.

4. Auto Power Off

This Best Electric Dehumidifier does not demand much attention, as it comes with an auto power-off capability. Yes, this function helps to use it with a relaxed mindset. You need not worry about tracking it constantly for switching it off when the water level is full. After working over a period of time, when the water tank gets full, it flashes the blue LED light and automatically cuts the power-off.

All you need to do is take the tank out, empty it, and set it again for use. This automatic power cut-off assists in the convenient operating of the product. It reduces the effort of hovering nearby the Dehumidifier just for the sake of checking the water level.

5. Technology & One Button Control

Operating a dehumidifier has never been convenient as with this LONOVE small dehumidifier. With its one-tap button control, it offers untroubled access to the device. This LONOVE Dehumidifier 1000ml comes with a button on its top, which, when simply pressed, helps to manage “on” and “off.” It helps to abolish all the complicated tasks of handling this Dehumidifier by adjusting various setting buttons.

In LOVE 2200 Cubic Feet Dehumidifier Reviews from users mention that it works on a thermo-electric cooling technology at 86℉, 80%RH. So, whenever the temperature variation occurs, owing to this technology, it starts working, giving better fresh air to breathe. It is due to this technology that this electric Dehumidifier gives better results as compared to other models.


LONOVE MD303 Dehumidifier Specifications

  • Brand: LONOVE
  • Model: MD303
  • Water Tank Capacity: 38 Oz /1100ml
  • Noise Level: 20-35 dB
  • Floor Area: 2200 Cubic Feet (220 Sq ft)
  • Operating temperature: 59°F -113°F
  • Upper-Temperature Rating: 104°F
  • Item Dimensions : 5.7 x 5.7 x 8.55 inches
  • Weight: 1.8 Pounds
  • Operation Mode: Continuous
  • Air Flow Capacity:18 CMPH


Where is this LONOVE 2200 Cu. Ft. Dehumidifier made in?

This LONOVE MD303 dehumidifier is manufactured in China.

Is LONOVE MD303 small Dehumidifier easy to clean?

This LONOVE small dehumidifier is not that tricky to clean. It might require some effort but yeah, not much to be precise.

Does this LONOVE 1000ml Dehumidifier have power-on-resume?

This LONOVE dehumidifier (MD303) lacks the power-on-resume system. You have to turn it on again manually.

How long is the power cord LONOVE 220 Square Feet Dehumidifier?

The power cord of this LONOVE 220sq. Ft. rv dehumidifier measures out to be approx. 3ft.

Does LONOVE MD303 compact Dehumidifier one have a reusable filter to be cleaned?

This LONOVE 1100ml Dehumidifier does not have a reusable filter that could be visible clearly.

Wrapping Up

Finally, this is all about LONOVE 2200 Cubic Feet Dehumidifier Review, without any doubt it is a est pick for your small rooms or bathrooms, which gives 100% satisfactory results. Its appearance is such that it never looks clumsy when placed in the room, even when occupied by many people. With its new thermoelectric technology, it becomes quiet to use even during the night. The best thing we figured out is that it will not let the water overflow with the automatic power cut-off feature. Thereby, it becomes a perfect choice for us to be relied upon.

In a nutshell, it can be stated that this Dehumidifier could be the product you have been searching for to maintain a healthy and sustainable environment for your place. Yes, with this product, you can be confident enough to bid farewell to your hot, sticky summers and enjoy the cool fresh air to breathe.

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