LONOVE 450 Sq ft Dehumidifier – Ideal for RV, Basements and other Smaller Spaces!

With an excess of humidity, you start finding ways to curb it. Be it the dampening of your walls, or increase in moisture from your bathroom or the slow drying of clothes, these are apparent signs of an increase in room’s humidity. An excess of humidity might lead to respiratory problems, so it is better to eliminate it in time. This is precisely why you need the LONOVE 2000ML Home Dehumidifier. This dehumidifier is the solution to your problems of excess humidity in all places, which is why we bought it to test and know it. You can use this dehumidifier anywhere, for instance, in bedrooms, garages, bathrooms. Read out complete LONOVE 5000 Cubic Feet Dehumidifier review which might help you take the right decision.

This LONOVE dehumidifier is engineered with an intelligent control panel with an LCD smart screen, making it easy to operate this device. This screen also displays the present level of humidity in the environment around you so you can alter it according to your preferences. This Dehumidifier comes with two operational modes- day and night mode, which are smartly designed to work in the respective parts of the day as per requirements.

LONOVE 5000 Cubic Feet Dehumidifier Review (2023)

1. Design

LONOVE 450 Sq ft dehumidifier is designed to be a compact unit. This dehumidifier’s dimensions are 7.09 x 4.72 x 3.94 inches, and the unit weighs around 7.68 pounds. This dehumidifier houses an Intelligent Control Panel which makes operating the device very easy and checks the current RH level possible.

LONOVE home dehumidifier consists of a drain hose which eliminates any excess moisture to a decent level. It houses large removable water tanks of 68 oz capacity. This LONOVE 2000ML Dehumidifier also efficiently engineered with a semi-conductor system. Basically, in spite of being a compact and easily portable unit, it packed with unique features and has an efficiently designed structure.

2. Two Operational Modes

There are mainly two operational modes in this dehumidifier, enabling us to operate it efficiently. This garage dehumidifier is designed to have two working modes which makes it more convenient and intelligent. To activate the Day- mode, press its power button to day-mode and a green indicator light will be turned on.

The dehumidification in this device’s day-mode with a green light is relatively much more powerful, and the noise level is somewhat between 35-45 db. To start the Night- mode, press its power button for a relatively long time, and you will see the wind speed, blue coloured LED light get switched on. This dehumidification effect of the night mode is relatively weak. This night- mode has a noise level of below 35 dB, which is ultra-quiet and does not disturb your sleep.

3. Auto Shut Off

This LONOVE dehumidifier for basement has an auto shut off feature which is quite essential. This dehumidifier is equipped with a water level controller, which enables the auto shut off when its controller reaches its maximum level. This means that this dehumidifier for our bathroom automatically shuts off when its water tank is full.

Once the tank is full, the yellow light or green light is indicated, which informs you to empty its tank manually. This feature is essential since the auto shut off will avoid any overflow or other damage from happening. Also, the lights are an easy way of indicating the status of this tank being filled.

4. Tank Capacity

In any dehumidifier, its tank capacity tells how beneficial that dehumidifier is. As this is considered the best dehumidifier for bedroom, it is adequately efficient, working perfectly even for large spaces since it has a huge tank capacity. This dehumidifier for RV is designed to have a tank capacity of 2000 ml Large capacity. And, the per day dehumidification capacity of this LONOVE 68oz Dehumidifier is 750 ml.

This 750 ml per day capacity is more than enough for spaces up to 450 sq. ft, from small to large spaces. We were delighted with the way it worked in all the spaces, be it inside the house or even in the garage. Primarily, its tank capacity has been designed to be fairly sufficient, which adds to its other benefits.

5. Humidity Controls

This LONOVE home dehumidifier has an advanced feature that lets you manually set the humidity level you deem comfortable for any particular room. This feature will let you have a humidity level which you desire, thereby creating a relaxed environment around you.

Our dehumidifier comes with a highly developed humidistat function which enables you to set the preferred relative level of humidity which is in the range of 40% to 80%. To set your preferred level of humidity, first, depress its RH up or down button in order to select your preferred RH level. On doing that, its display screen will flash three times and then return to displaying the current environment RH level.

6. Smart Control Panel

LONOVE 68 oz dehumidifier for bathroom designed to house an advanced technology control panel that enables you to operate all its functions conveniently. As compared to other dehumidifiers, this unit highly upgraded and comes with a smart control panel and an LCD on its top screen.

This feature dramatically improves the user experience by making it easy for users to operate this device. This intelligent control panel also displays the current humidity level, and that is not the preferred level then you can change it too. The intelligent control panel takes the device to another level since it is very advanced and immensely favors user-experience.



  • Brand : LONOVE
  • Model : MD751
  • Dimensions : 7.09 x 4.72 x 3.94 inches
  • Operation Mode : Continuous
  • Color : Blue
  • Item Weight : 7.68 pounds
  • Cover area : 5000 Cubic Feet
  • Water tank capacity : 1800ml(61 oz)


Can you turn the lights off of the LONOVE 5000 cu ft dehumidifier?

No, you cannot turn the lights off of this LONOVE 5000 cu. ft. dehumidifier. It turns on automatically while operating. You can put an electrical tape on the light in case you do not want it.

Is this LONOVE 2000 ML Dehumidifier suitable for a large room

Yes, LONOVE 2000ML is suitable for a large room with space up to 450 sq. ft.

How many pt capacity reservoir tank does this LONOVE portable dehumidifier have?

The LONOVE home dehumidifier has a 2000 ML large capacity and 750 ml per day dehumidification.

Does this LONOVE quiet dehumidifier work with 220 voltage?

Yes, the voltage of this LONOVE Dehumidifier 68oz is 110V- 240V so that it can work with 220 voltage.

Does the LONOVE 68 oz Dehumidifier automatically restart if it loses power

If you unplug this dehumidifier and plug it back in, you will have to press the start button to get it operating again. The same applies if the power is lost.


LONOVE 2000 ML is the best dehumidifier in budget that we have come across. With the plethora of advanced technology functions that it provides, it makes it super attractive for customers. This basement or bathroom dehumidifier is compatible and designed with an intelligent control panel which makes it user friendly. This dehumidifier plays a significant role in maintaining good indoor air quality.

Basically, this LONOVE Dehumidifier 2000ML consists of all features you look for in a large dehumidifier. We would definitely recommend you to buy this product if you are looking for a dehumidifier for your home, bathroom, basement or any space for that matter within the bounds of 450 sq. ft. We have made sure that we give you a thorough overview of this product, that will answer a lot of your questions about this unit. Hope our LONOVE 5000 Cubic Feet Dehumidifier review is clear for you. Have a happy shopping!

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