LONOVE MD300 2200 Cubic Feet Dehumidifier – Compact yet provides greater comfort!

Humidity is cosmopolitan, and getting rid of it from all the places in your house is quite difficult. Excess humidity may lead to the growth of certain microbes that are harmful to our health. Most of the humidifiers built for small rooms have some kind of complications that don’t make them a perfect fit for domestic use. That is why we brought and tested LONOVE 2200 Cubic Feet dehumidifier to observe if it works efficiently and is a good choice for small places in your house or not. To know what we experienced read the complete LONOVE MD300 dehumidifier review below.

It is built ideally for compact places such as small bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, closets, etc., having an area of less than 165 sq. ft. Its user-friendly mechanism makes it easy to control by anyone. It is so compact and lightweight to be carried from one place to another, making it a good portable dehumidifier. It removes not only excess moisture from the room but also eliminates unpleasant odors. This LONOVE dehumidifier is energy-efficient, offering a better airflow than other dehumidifiers that consume a lot of energy. It possesses several features that can make it a suitable choice for your home.

LONOVE MD300 Dehumidifier Review 2023

1. Effective Dehumidification

LONOVE 2200 Cubic Feet Small Dehumidifier does its job perfectly without any complications. It is ideally built for small places with less than 165 square feet like kitchen, bathrooms, basement, RV, etc. It can maintain moisture content below 50% in the surrounding area when humidity in the air is beyond 50%.

LONOVE MD300 Dehumidifier’s dehumidifier capacity is 350ml/day, far better than other ordinary dehumidifiers. It can absorb moisture from a place having more than 45% of Relative Humidity. Along with reducing the amount of moisture from the air, it refreshes the surroundings by absorbing all unpleasant odor odors. You will get fresh air to breathe in your room and won’t feel sticky due to moisture.

2. One Button Control

LONOVE 165 sq. ft. dehumidifier gives an extremely easy and hassle-free experience as it can be controlled by a single button only. A power button is present on the anterior part of this dehumidifier through which you can easily on and off its functioning without following any complicated steps.

When LONOVE electric dehumidifier is working, a blue indicator light stays on near the button. If the water tank gets full, it indicates the user by a yellow light to empty the tank. This indicator light on the button makes it so easy to manage that you don’t even need to keep a regular eye on the dehumidifier’s working.

3. Automatic Shut Off

LONOVE MD300 dehumidifier has a feature of automatically shutting off, which makes it energy-efficient too. When the dehumidifier starts working, the blue indicator light turns on, and it begins its 24 hours cycle depending upon the humidity present in the surrounding.

After 24 hours or when the tank gets full, a yellow indicator light turns on, which helps the user know that the cycle is complete or full. When the yellow light turns on, the dehumidifier automatically shuts off and stops consuming any more power and energy. Thus, it is an energy-efficient dehumidifier doing an effective job of collecting moisture from the air without causing any trouble to the user.

4. Tank Capacity and Airflow

Many small dehumidifiers do not have sufficient tank capacity and airflow, which also affects their efficiency. LONOVE MD300 has an appropriate tank capacity of 800 ml and covers an area of 2200 cubic feet.

According to an area of less than 165 sq. ft. where it can be used, this much tank capacity and airflow are more than enough. It has a 360° airflow mechanism, which allows it to dehumidify the surrounding air effectively. It can collect up to 350 ml of moisture per day at 86°F and Relative Humidity of 80%.

5. Noise Level

As the process of dehumidification takes plenty of time to complete, anyone can easily get frustrated by its sound. But LONOVE 2200 CuFt Dehumidifier is extremely quiet while running, having a noise level of less than 30 dB, which is super low, unlike other dehumidifiers with more than 45 dB noise level.

It does not bother any of your activity producing any sound, which is a plus for this dehumidifier. The white noise levels are also quite low even a newborn baby can sleep peacefully with this dehumidifier in the room.



  • Brand : LONOVE
  • Model : MD300
  • Dimensions : 6.1 x 5.12 x 8.67 inches
  • Upper Temperature Rating : 40 °C
  • Color : White
  • Item Weight : 2.72 pounds
  • Floor Area : 190 Square Feet
  • Air Flow Capacity : 15 CMPH
  • Water Tank Capacity : 900 ml (31 oz)


Can LONOVE 2200 cu ft MD300 Dehumidifier be connected directly to a drain for continuous operation?

No, LONOVE MD300 2200 cu ft Dehumidifier cannot be connected to a drain as its tank has no drain hose connection, and it is closed.

How many amps/watts for LONOVE 2200 Cu Ft Dehumidifier?

The input of the LONOVE Small Dehumidifier 2200 Cu Ft is 9V 2.5 Amps.

Does LONOVE MD300 electric mini dehumidifier have a timer?

No, LONOVE mini electric dehumidifier MD300 doesn’t have a timer. It needs to be turned on manually. Though it automatically shuts off after 24 hours or when the water tank is full.

Will LONOVE 2200 Dehumidifier stop removing moisture at 40%?

No, LONOVE 2200 Cu. Ft. Dehumidifier won’t stop removing moisture at 40%. It will keep on removing moisture until its tank gets full.


At the end of LONOVE MD300 dehumidifier review, we would like to give you our opinion on whether you should buy this or not. It has several features that make it a perfect choice as a small dehumidifier for a small area. Some of its drawbacks can be overlooked as we don’t get many dehumidifiers possessing all these features at this price range. It is the best dehumidifier for bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, campers, RVs, kitchen, etc., having an area of less than 165 square feet serving as a multipurpose device. We highly recommend you to buy this dehumidifier as it not only collects the moisture around you but also refreshes the air to help you breathe comfortably.

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