NineSky 95oz Dehumidifier Review – Ideal for Use in Bathroom, Bedroom, Basement, kitchen & Closet

If you’re struggling with excess moisture in your home or office, a dehumidifier can be a valuable tool to combat the problem. And if you’re looking for a high-capacity dehumidifier that can handle even the most humid environments, the NineSky 95oz Dehumidifier is definitely worth considering. This innovative device is designed to offer powerful moisture control and energy efficiency in order to help keep your home or office comfortable and dry. With a large water tank and powerful moisture removal capabilities, this dehumidifier can quickly and efficiently lower humidity levels and help create a more comfortable living or working space. Keep reading for our comprehensive review of this impressive product – we’ll cover its features, performance, design, and more so you can decide if it’s the right fit for your needs!

NineSky 7000 Cubic ft Dehumidifier Review

1. Design and Size

This NineSky dehumidifier is a sleek, modern-looking device with a compact design. It is designed to fit into small spaces easily, making it convenient to place in any room. Its tank has a large capacity of 95 ounces, allowing it to run for longer periods of time and collect more moisture and best dehumidifier for bathroom mold. Its convenient carrying handle makes it easy to move around when needed.

2. Display

This dehumidifier for home features an easy-to-read LED display that clearly shows the humidity levels as well as other important settings such as fan speed and timer modes. The display also allows users to adjust settings quickly and easily without having to fumble around with many buttons.

3. Portability

When comes to portability it’s small size and lightweight design make it perfect for portability purposes. It only weighs 6 pounds which makes it extremely easy to move from one location to another without much effort or strain on your body.

4. Capacity and Performance

The NineSky dehumidifier for basement and house has a large water tank capacity of 95 ounces which helps achieve maximum moisture removal rates in a shorter amount of time when compared to smaller models with lower water tank capacities. Additionally, the powerful motor and fan combination allow this device to do an efficient job at removing excess moisture while still being energy-efficient.

5. Warranty

The NineSky 7000 cubic feet dehumidifier comes with a one year limited warranty that covers parts and labor costs should you experience any issues during normal use within the first year after purchase, giving you confidence in your purchase decision knowing that your product is covered should anything go wrong down the line.


Nine Sky 720 Sqft Dehumidifier Specifications

Model CT2
Floor Area720 Square Feet
Product Dimensions5.12 x 5.12 x 5.12 inches
Capacity5.3 Pounds
Tank Volume2500 Gallons
Item Weight16 Ounces
Air Flow Capacity5.3 Pounds
Upper Temperature Rating40 Degrees Celsius
FeaturesLED display, adjustable fan speed, timer function
Warranty1-year manufacturer’s warranty


Q. What are the dimensions of NineSky 95oz dehumidifier?

The dimensions of Nine Sky 95oz dehumidifier are 5.12 x 5.12 x 5.12 inches.

Q. Can I attach a drain hose to this dehumidifier?

No, you cannot attach a drain hose to NineSky dehumidifier because it has no hook up.

Q. Is this NineSky dehumidifier okay for basements cellars?

Depending on the size of the cellar, it will remove a certain amount of moisture.

Q. How do you empty Nine Sky 95oz dehumidifier?

After turning off the unit, remove the receptacle from the back. Empty the receptacle, then return it to the unit and turn it on.

Q. Do I have to put water inside before using NineSky dehumidifier?

You do not need to add water to this device. It is a dehumidifier which draws moisture out of the air.


All in all, the NineSky 95oz dehumidifier is a great tool to combat unwanted moisture in the air. Not only is it lightweight and compact, but also totally reliable and highly efficient at removing excess humidity from rooms of all sizes. Plus, its long-lasting design and affordable price ensure that this dehumidifier is a great investment for anyone who needs humidity removal solutions. For those dealing with higher humidity levels, it’s definitely worth considering as an outstanding remedy.

NineSky 95oz dehumidifier review image

With its remarkable features, this appliance proves that superior moisture control need not be expensive or complicated. So don’t wait – if you are looking for a more practical way to conquer high indoor humidity levels then go ahead and invest in the NineSky 95oz Dehumidifier today!


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