POHL SCHMITT 17oz Dehumidifier MD5002 – Lightweight, Eco-friendly and Quiet

POHL SCHMITT MD5002 Dehumidifier Review: It can be a pretty stressful job to find a dehumidifier that you can carry easily while going camping or a dehumidifier that can remove the dampness after a shower from your small, not so ventilated bathroom. But with the portable POHL SCHMITT MD5002 Dehumidifier, all these can be done effortlessly. It is the best dehumidifier for basement, bathroom, closet, and any small area with a lot of moisture in its air. It works competently and maintains a healthy air quality. It is the best small dehumidifier that ensures mold-free walls, fresh food, and rust-free electronics.

It is very light and can easily be moved from one place to another. And the best part is you can carry this one with you for trips as well. It is extremely quiet, compact, and looks very classy. This dehumidifier comes with a 2-year warranty. Here’s what we found out after testing this tiny yet powerful product!

POHL SCHMITT MD5002 Dehumidifier Review, 2023

1. Design

It weighs about 2.59 pounds and is 11.2 x 6.3 x 5.3 inches in its dimension. This small dehumidifier makes sure to remove bags of dust from the air mold, and stops the damages that polluted air can inflict.

This dehumidifier can be kept anywhere in the house, which will not create much of a problem. It reduces and maintains the humidity level in the air. Due to its sleek design, it can easily fit into any small area that might get unnoticed and do its designated work.

2. Portability and Noise-level

This Pohl + Schmitt Compact Dehumidifier comes with a 500ml/17oz water tank. It is quite lightweight and can easily be carried from one room to another, given its petite figure. You can easily empty the water it collects throughout the day.

Pohl Schmitt efficiently takes out the pungent smell and that damp feeling from any space, whether it is the bedroom, cellar, kitchen, or small area. It is designed using the Peltier technology (without a compressor), making it run without producing any noise that can be distracting. It makes sure to work as silently as possible and can be picked as the best dehumidifier for bedroom.

3. Performance

This Pohl+Schmitt dehumidifier might look small in size but is quite efficient in its performance. It makes sure to dehumidify the air and keep it constantly that way. It is highly concerned about your health and removes harmful substances and chemicals from the air in small areas to make you comfortable. It works amazingly in 110v.

The product has an auto shut-off option for when the tank is full. Due to this you can comfortably place it as a basement dehumidifier. It removes excess moisture from the room and eliminates the dampness quite effectively.

4. Unique Functions

POHL SCHMITT 17 oz bathroom dehumidifier does more than just dehumidifying the air. It keeps the walls mold-free, and not only that, it reduces and stops mold from developing on your clothes, furniture, and other fabrics.

This dehumidifier ensures rust-free electronic appliances and keeps your pieces of bread, celery, and cereals fresh! It keeps your wooden products damage-free and makes your life a lot easier if you have allergies. No need to worry about it! POHL SCHMITT 17oz Dehumidifier makes sure that you sleep comfortably. It works like a magician and does all these effortlessly. 

5. Eco-friendly

The best part about any electronic product is if it is energy efficient. This small yet robust dehumidifier too is designed keeping in mind to save energy. It is carefully designed without any chemical substances that provide clean and healthy air to breathe in, Making it environmentally friendly.

When the tank gets filled with water, it automatically shuts off, ensuring no wastage of energy. As soon as the tank gets filled up, the light goes off, and you can manually empty it and replace it again. The lifetime of the Pohl + Schmitt dehumidifier will be efficient with better maintenance.



  • Brand : POHL SCHMITT
  • Model number : MD5002
  • Package Dimensions : 11.2 x 6.3 x 5.3 inches
  • Color : Grey
  • Operation Mode : Continuous
  • Item Weight : 2.59 pounds
  • Water tank capacity : 500ml/17oz


What’s the voltage for this POHL SCHMITT Dehumidifier for Bedroom?

The voltage for this POHL SCHMITT small dehumidifier is 110 Volt.

Where was this POHL SCHMITT 500 ml Dehumidifier manufactured?

This POHL+SCHMITT 500ml Dehumidifier, is made in PRC, the People’s Republic of China.

How many square feet does this Schmidt + Pohl dehumidifier work on?

This Schmidt and Pohl 17 oz dehumidifier works on really small spaces up to 300 square feet.

How big is the POHL and SCHMITT MD5002 dehumidifier?

The POHL+SCHMITT MD5002 dehumidifier is a small dehumidifier about 8 inches tall by 4 inches wide.

Does POHL SCHMITT dehumidifier 17 oz. MD5002 blow like a fan?

The POHL SCHMITT 17 oz. dehumidifier blows quietly but not like a fan. It doesn’t produce much noise.


This POHL SCHMITT 500ml Dehumidifier is a must-buy if you are looking for a portable dehumidifier for small spaces that also does its job magnificently. It comes pretty cheap and is very convenient to set up and operate. It makes sure to remove pungent smells, dust particles, and other harmful bits from the air and give the comfort most experience. An additional benefit is that this dehumidifier won’t use any chemicals for the operation, making it an enhancement for eco-freaks. Being a lightweight and compact dehumidifier, you can carry it anywhere you want. Hope this POHL SCHMITT MD5002 Dehumidifier review helped you to choose the right one.

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