RINKMO 30 Pint (4 Gallon) Dehumidifier – Best Small unit for your Bedroom

RINKMO 30 Pint Dehumidifier Review 2023

RINKMO 30 pint dehumidifier measures 11718 inches, which is compact but works quietly and efficiently to remove the humidity up to 4 gallons (30 pints) in a day. This 30-pint Portable dehumidifier is capable of removing moisture in humid surroundings of 1050 square feet areas like offices, small basement, and storage rooms.

RINKMO basement dehumidifier displays the present humidity, and you can easily set the humidity levels on the eye noticeable display screen located on the top of the unit. The Dehumidifier is a must in the high rainfall areas to keep the space remain more happy and contented.

When the RINKMO crawl space dehumidifier begins to work, initially it will detect the present humidity level in the room automatically. Later, you can choose your preferred humidity if the current humidity level falls or exceeds your desired humidity. Also, this smart featured RINKMO dehumidifier may stop or start functioning automatically. The best RINKMO dehumidifier 30-pint will go back to the previous settings that you had chosen before the device power loss so that one thing reduced for you to concern about. The below sections will give you an in-depth RINKMO 30 Pint Dehumidifier Review.


  • 30-Pint Dehumidifier
  • Modern with stylish design
  • Easy to operate
  • Safety protection
  • Applications of this unit

1. 30-Pint Dehumidifier

It is the best 4-gallon dehumidifier that removes about 30 pints of moisture from the air in a day at 35 degrees Celsius, 90% RH environment. RINKMO dehumidifier is portable and equipped with a detachable water tank of 1.8L capacity. It efficiently and quickly removes the water from the air, and the quantity of water will vary depending on the temperature and moisture level in the area.

2. Modern with stylish design

RENKMO 30 pint dehumidifier design differs from all other dehumidifier styles, which appears to be excellent with inbuilt handle for moving easily and control panel with high durability for extended service life.

3. Easy to operate

A RINKMO dehumidifier 30-pint review from many users shows that it is very easy and simple to use. Just by clicking on the setting button, you can set the preferred humidity level, then allow it to run continuously till the tank is filled. At that moment it will shut-down automatically. This unit includes a drain hosepipe that is required to be connected to an outlet for nonstop draining.

4. Safety protection

This unit will automatically shut-off when the tank filled completely or when it reaches the desired humidity. When there is some unexpected power loss while the unit is in working condition, then RINKMO 30-pint dehumidifier will go back to its earlier settings automatically if once the power refurbished.

5. Applications of this unit

This RINKMO 30-pint unit is suitable for medium spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, motor homes, garbage, and it is the best dehumidifier for home basements as well. It is designed to cover an area of 1056 square feet. So, if you are planning to buy a small dehumidifier for the bedroom, you can go for this.



  • Manufacture : RINKMO
  • Model Number : PD100A
  • Product dimensions : 11x7x18.5 inches
  • Water tank capacity : 1.8 litres
  • coverage area : 1050 sq.ft
  • Temperature range : 5-35 degrees Celsius
  • Frequency : 60 Hz
  • Warranty : 12 Months

Automatic or manual draining

When the tank is filled it gives you an alert with automatic power off, and you don’t need to open the water tank for frequent checking. If you don’t want to drain water, just connect the machine to a hose for continuous draining, it is better if you connect to the sink because the nonstop draining feature is gravity-fed and the drain pipe requires having some slant under the nozzle.

Cleaning the filter

Based on the usage of dehumidifier, filter is required to be cleaned for every 2 weeks or once in a month. Use either warm water to clean the filter or slowly rush a vacuum cleaner machine on the filter’s exterior part, but make sure that before restarting the unit the filter is dried fully.

RINKMO Dehumidifier 30 pint Components

  • Control panel
  • Outlet
  • Front cover
  • Handle
  • Inlet
  • Continuous draining outlet
  • Water tank

Control panel includes

  • Speed button
  • Timing button
  • Timing light
  • Digital display
  • Setting button
  • Power button

Description of buttons

  • Speed button: It is used to manage the speed of wind switching between low and high.
  • Power button: It is used to power ON/OFF the machine.
  • Setting button: It is used to set the humidity levels.
  • Timing button: It is used to set the time and viewing.

RINKMO 4 Gallon Dehumidifier Operation instructions

A. Function setting:

Humidity setting: on the display screen, click the setting button to adjust the humidity value, for each click the humidity count raises by 5% RH and put the range of humidity from 30%-80% RH.
Timing setting: when the unit is in power-off state, then put the time to start up, while the unit in the state to begin setting the timer to shut down. For each click timer increases by 1 hr, set the time range between 1~24 hrs. When the timer is set to 00, then it is invalid.
Wind speed setting: when you start the unit, you can select either high or low speed.

B. Water full protection:

When the tank is full, then the unit will shut off automatically, and the light flashes indicating that the tank is filled. When you take out some water, the water light will get off, and the machine starts functioning again.

C. Defrost function:

when the unit is working at a low temperature, the device will automatically recognize the frost stage, and if frost the unit will defrost automatically.

D. Water tank drainage:

Before you start using the device, make sure that the outlet is unbolted, or else the unit will overheat.
Do not take out the floater from the water tank, if the floater is removed, the water sensor would not be able to recognize the water level, and in such situations, water may flow out from the tank when the water tank is completely occupied with water.
If the water tank is grubby, clean it only with warm or cold water; never use steel wool, detergent, gasoline, benzene or any other solvents which may spoil the water tank.


The RINKMO dehumidifier works quietly and efficiently in reducing the humidity levels in a particular area, and it covers around 1050 square feet. In a single day, it can remove 30 pints of moisture from the air, and it is one of the best portable dehumidifiers with a detachable water tank of 1.8L capacity.

It is worth having this Best 4 Gallon Dehumidifier with such great features, stylish and pretty look. Overall it is convenient, reduces humidity levels, easy to operate, portable, compact, quick and efficient with less noise, affordable price, and is highly recommended.

RINKMO 30 Pint Dehumidifier image

RINKMO 30 Pint Portable Dehumidifier works effectively in removing moisture. Compared to other models in the market, this RINKMO dehumidifier looks stylish and modern. Altogether, if you are looking for the best dehumidifier for your bedroom or bathroom or any other medium spaces, this is the right choice for you.


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