SEAVON 1500 ml Dehumidifier for 2500 Cubic Feet Area – Quiet, Compact & Highly Efficient!

As a result of the augmentation of pollution over the world, a large population is often seen fronting allergies. Increasing severity might cause respiratory problems such as asthma along with several skin infections as well. For this purpose, the SEAVON 1500 ml dehumidifier is found to be effective and efficient in cleaning up the surrounding by reducing the moisture content in the air. We can assure you that this product has been fitted with all the necessary features that are sufficient to create a comfortable and fresh surrounding. We have bought this dehumidifier to test its performance, efficiency, and convenience in condensing the humidity so that it can be deployed in various applicable places. Below is the complete SEAVON 1500ml Dehumidifier review about what we experienced.

It does an outstanding job as far as protecting the expanse such as kitchen, garage, wardrobe, closet from moisture, dirt, dust mites is concerned, improving the overall quality of the air. This compact dehumidifier can clean up the room having 250 square feet area. It is well equipped with a 500 ml storage tank for liquefied air moisture and works ultra-quietly because of its thermoelectric cooling technology. Although it requires proper and frequent maintenance, it can remove up to 18oz of water per day. We are ready to share our forthright experiences while using this product. Through our testing, we found that this dehumidifier has the following salient features which are described below.

SEAVON 1500ml Dehumidifier Review for 2023

1. Prodigious Portable Design

The SEAVON portable dehumidifier has been developed to fit ideally in your daily life and is available in a variety of colors to suit your decor and background. It is compact, modern, and exemplary in shape. SEAVON 1500 ml dehumidifier weighing only 4.1 pounds makes it unchallenging and trouble-free for an individual to move the dehumidifier from one place to another.

Dimensionally it is 2500 cubic feet in size and comprises a 500 ml capacity tank. That extracts up to 18oz(86°F, 80%RH) daily in enclosed and small spaces. Among all the features, the one which impressed us most about the SEAVON 2500 cubic feet dehumidifier that it has one-button control. Also, compact design makes it handy and anyone can use it with null complications. The dimensions of this dehumidifier are 7.1 x 5.1 x 11.2 inches which are moderate in size. These balanced and suitable dimensions enable the user to fit and transport it anywhere with great ease.

2. Area Covered

One of the most common features that people are concerned about dehumidifiers is their area of coverage. The more the capacity, the more the area will it cover. This powerful and compact SEAVON electric midsize dehumidifier covers 250 square feet of area. It comprises a powerful and efficient power cord that ensures the best coverage of the area. Talking in terms of volume, coverage is 1000-2500 cubic feet. Before the growth of toxic substances starts, it is crucial to prevent their mushrooming which starts at 50% moisture level. SEAVON 2500 cu. ft. dehumidifier starts functioning as soon as the moisture level in the air touches 45%. It collects moisture and releases fresh air ensuring that no corner/edge remains filthy.

3. Noise-Level

Generally, dehumidifiers generate noise when they intake the air to process and exhaust it through the fan. However, it is interesting to note that it works super quietly(below 40db) and ensures relaxed and peaceful sleep during night hours. Its built-in Thermo-Electric Cooling Technology which operates without a compressor enables it to perform ultra-quietly, thus providing you a healthy and comfortable environment. We have tested it, especially during the night hours and the best thing is that it didn’t make a little noise. So, as per our review, if you are bothered by the noise of appliances especially during nighttime, then the SEAVON bedroom dehumidifier 1500 ml is the perfect choice for you. 

4. Preprogrammed Shut off and Restart Function

Boiling down to its most significant feature, this product shuts off and restarts automatically. SEAVON closet dehumidifier requires drainage of collected water when the tank is full. Remember in this case, it will automatically shut off its operations. In addition triggers an LED indicator light when the tank is full and the water is ready to take out. Here, the light would turn yellow. At the earliest, you need to turn the power off. Later remove the water tank gently and empty the water from the black rubber. In times of power outages, or electricity suddenly shuts off — the automatic restart function is a blessing. It ensures that the dehumidifier will carry on its operations as per the previously configured settings as soon as the power is restored. Therefore, this feature is a must-have for people who travel a lot.

5. Astonishing Energy Efficiency

SEAVON 1500 ml small dehumidifier has a suitable power cord length of 60 inches. The rating for the power supply is 12V DC and 5A. The energy-efficient option thermo-electric technology removes up to 18oz of water per day. Also, it has a 1500 ml water tank that needs to be emptied every few days. A dehumidifier that has earned an energy star label, uses more efficient built-in parts to remove the same amount of moisture as an identical-sized conventional unit but uses nearly 15% less energy. Besides, the ideally mechanized systems and internal design make it a reliable appliance that fits perfectly to the customer’s will to bring out the maximum from their purchase.



  • Brand : SEAVON
  • Model : Inverter
  • Dimensions : 7.1 x 5.1 x 11.2 inches
  • Item Weight : 4.1 Pounds
  • Operation Mode : Continuous
  • Floor Area : 250 Square Feet
  • Upper Temperature Rating : 30 °C
  • Water Tank Capacity :50 oz (1500ml)
  • Length of power cord : 60 inch (150cm)


What is the amp or wattage for this SEAVON 1500 ml Dehumidifier?

SEAVON 1500 ml dehumidifier has power supply ratings as 60 Watts, 12V DC, 5 Amp.

What level of humidity should we expect after running this SEAVON 2500 cu ft dehumidifier in < 200 sqft room?

The answer is completely dependent on the location where you set it, but by observing certain measurements we can expect around 45% level of humidity after running SEAVON 2500 cu ft dehumidifier in < 200 sqft room.

Would this SEAVON electric dehumidifier work in a smaller RV with a drain going into the sink?

Yes definitely, SEAVON is not only the best dehumidifier for basement, but also works great in RV with a drain going into sink. It provides reliable protection to your space. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe, closet, garage, etc including RVs too.

Does SEAVON 260 sq ft Electric dehumidifier comes with a hose to allow it to drain into a sink?

Yes, SEAVON 260 sq ft Electric dehumidifier comes with a hose to allow it to drain into a sink.

How long will a 12 volt 240 amp/hr RV battery run this SEAVON Electric dehumidifier before the battery needs recharging?

It may require about 60w/hour before the battery needs recharging.

Bottom Line

Regular cleaning of air keeps the house dust-free and toxin-free and improves the overall air quality. It is thus an exigent burden for us all to bear. SEAVON 1500 ml smart dehumidifier has made this an absolute cakewalk. Overall, we find this product efficient and convenient. Also, we assure you that it has a solution for making the environment comfortable and healthy. We can say it as the best dehumidifier for bathroom, basement, RV and other small areas. It is handy for the ones who travel a lot. It is very helpful for suctioning germs and moisture, which no doubt can harm health. At last, we strongly recommend you to do well-versed research on it rather to blindly believe all the claims the manufacturer makes. However, we hope that we have delivered the best through this SEAVON 1500ml Dehumidifier review which might have clarified all your doubts.

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