SEAVON 800ml Electric Small Dehumidifier 2200 Cu Ft – Ideal for RV, Bathroom, and other Small Rooms!

The increased moisture level in the air develops an environment that is harmful to many health issues. To overcome this excess growth of moisture by making your place a comfortable and sustainable living zone, bring yourself this SEAVON 2200 Cu Ft Dehumidifier. As we bought this dehumidifier our home to test its efficiency, we were impressed by its functionalities. This product serves well with its advanced integrated technology making it a perfect fit for your bedroom, bathroom, closet, or basements. Refer our detailed SEAVON 2200 Cubic Feet Dehumidifier review to know whether it satisfies your need or not.

With a large capacity of 28oz, it can very comfortably extract up to 350ml/12ounces of moisture. Equipped with ThermoElectric cooling technology, it offers a noiseless operation. It becomes quite convenient and simple to use with a single operating switch and its auto shut-off feature. So, if you are looking for a dehumidifier that gives you efficient results, this SEAVON 800ml electric small dehumidifier could be an ideal choice for you. This would surely help you get rid of the humid and sticky summer days by giving uncompromised results.

SEAVON 2200 Cubic Feet Dehumidifier Review of 2023

1. Area Coverage

This thermoelectric dehumidifier is designed to work well for a large area of 2200 cubic feet. It will give you satisfactory results when used within an area range of 1000 cubic feet to 2200 cubic feet. With its smart working technology, it yields relatively efficient results for the entire area.

Our dehumidifier works well even for basements that generally possess higher humidity levels and are stinking with a foul smell. It is also a perfect fit for bathrooms or closets, which require time to time dehumidification to prevent any fungal growth due to higher humidity. Thus, it is quite versatile as it can be used in different area types ranging from small closets to large basements.

2. Dehumidification Level

Since the moisture level of more than 50% in the air becomes unfit, this SEAVON Dehumidifier helps keep the moisture below 45% favorable for comfortable living. Working at a suitable condition of 86℉, 80%RH, it efficiently removes 350ml/12ounce of air per day when kept in a closed room. Its efficiency in removing the dirt and dust from our surroundings is outstanding.

So, with its advanced technology, this dehumidifier extracts all the unwanted moisture in the air that aids healthy living conditions for us. Further, it operates in such a way to extend durability for furniture and such objects. However, if the humidity is below 45% or the temperature maintained is less than 41℉, this appliance will work with a compromised result.

3. Automatic Shut Off

The 2200 Cu Ft SEAVON small bathroom dehumidifier comes up with the auto shut-off feature that eliminates the need for constant monitoring of this device. When the water tank reaches its full capacity, this product will automatically shut-off. This will remove the hassle of monitoring our dehumidifier constantly.

The provided LED light of this dehumidifier starts flashing blue light alerting you that its tank is full. You just need to turn the power off and empty its tank. Thus it saves time and reduces efforts. Also, auto shut-off saves electric consumption that otherwise would keep on using the electricity if you do not switch it off when its tank is full.

4. One-Button Operation

Everyone longs to have a device that can be operated without any complexities or without involving any technical operations to be made. An appliance equipped with multiple features generally possesses several buttons, which makes it tedious to operate.

For such a reason, our dehumidifier for basement comes up with an easy to operate single switch button. All you have to do is press the button to switch it on or off. No other settings are to be made. This single button operation asks minimal effort and time compared to other dehumidifiers that require some settings to be made. Its simplicity in design possesses for its quick and convenient performance.

5. Tank Capacity

To provide you with better results, this SEAVON mini dehumidifier comes with a large capacity tank to store water. With a capacity of 800ml, it is capable enough to hold a large quantity of water. Since the dehumidifier extracts water at a rate of 350ml/12 ounces per day, with the larger tank capacity, the necessity of draining its tank too frequently reduces.

Moreover, emptying the water tank has never been so simple. It just demands to take its tank out, open the cover, and spill all the water stored in this tank. Thus, with a larger capacity and easy to drain tank, it becomes compatible for users who desire easy-to-use products. The unit comes with a 2-year warranty, to assure its quality performance.

6. Thermoelectric Cooling Technology

This 800ml SEAVON electric dehumidifier for home becomes a perfect product for homes and offices as it works with a thermo-electric cooling technology that caters to the conveniently quiet operation. It works according to the Peltier effect that creates a temperature difference when heat is transferred between two electrical junctions.

It is due to this temperature difference, this product’s dehumidification process starts. Also, it works at an optimal temperature of 59-86°F that helps to get the best results. Not only this technology allows an adequate dehumidification process, but it also makes the product noiseless. This advanced technology helps in reliable operations giving satisfactory results without any complaints.


Specifications of SEAVON 2200 Cu Ft Dehumidifier

  • Brand : SEAVON
  • Model : B083J36134
  • Dimensions : 6.2 x 4.9 x 11 inches
  • Capacity : 1.8 Pounds
  • Item Weight : 2.6 Pounds
  • Floor Area : 30.38 Square Inches
  • Volume : 800ml (28 ounce)
  • Coverage area : 10-25 Square meters
  • Working capacity : 300 ml/10.5 oz


Does SEAVON 800ml Dehumidifier work with 220 voltage?

Yes, this SEAVON 800ml Dehumidifier works well with 100-240V.

Is this SEAVON thermoelectric dehumidifier also an air purifier?

SEAVON thermo electric dehumidifier does not work as an air purifier.

How much electricity does this SEAVON 2200 Cu. Ft. Room Dehumidifier use?

SEAVON 2200 cu ft room dehumidifier, after running for complete 24 hours, uses about 0.54kW of electricity.

Can I open the door and use this SEAVON 800 ml Electric Dehumidifier?

It is suggested that all the doors and windows should be closed when using this SEAVON 800ml electric dehumidifier.


The SEAVON 800 ml dehumidifier stands out with its high-quality results and competent performance. This product offers comfort with its distribution of a fresh and healthy environment. It squeezes out all the unwanted moisture from the air that may otherwise be harmful to your body and other things in your house. A one-button operation and auto shut off feature makes this product a perfect fit since it offers quick and convenient operation.

Being compact and light in weight, you can easily lift this SEAVON thermo-electric dehumidifier and carry it to whichever room required to prevent it from being confined to a single place. If such a dehumidifier is on your shopping list and you are confused about which one to go for, this cheap dehumidifier will indeed serve you well as it is pocket–friendly. Hope this SEAVON 2200 Cubic Feet Dehumidifier review is satisfactory enough to give you sufficient information. Have a happy shopping!

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