TaoTronics 50 Pint 4500 sq. ft. Dehumidifier – Ensures healthy environment with its smart dehumidification!

Excessive moisture in your house can lead to sheltering several health issues resulting from dust mites, mold, and other allergens, which no one likes. Most of the time, these problems come bigger and brighter when neglected. But there is a smart solution if you want to keep your family and yourself safe from such unwanted problems, that is, a dehumidifier. Taotronics TT-EE015 50 pint dehumidifier is well regarded for doing the job effortlessly and keeps your house safe from those troubles. Before buying, have a look at this detailed TaoTronics TT-EE015 review, as we purchased this to take you through its features.

What it does is to draw the extra moisture out of the air in your house and then collect it as liquid water in the tank. So naturally, your home remains moisture free for a long time. TaoTronics 4500 sq ft dehumidifier can be used in damp areas to draw that unnecessary vapor and moisture. Without a doubt, you can use this best dehumidifier in the dampest corners of your house, like in your basements and even washrooms. It has a daily dehumidifying capacity of about 23 liters or 50 pints. It has a water tank of 6 liters, is energy star rated, and has a dehumidifying area of 4500 square feet. Furthermore, it has a wide range of dehumidifying temperatures, which is from 5° Celsius to 32° Celsius.

TaoTronics TT-EE015 Review for 2023 (Key Features)

1. Area Covered

Taotronics dehumidifier 50 pints can capture moisture for up to 50 pints a day, making this dehumidifier capable of working for a large space of the area. It can be kept in the corner of your house, and still, it can soak moisture from the entire floor as large as 4500 square feet or 418 square meters.

So if you have a large apartment, you should not worry about buying this best 50 pint dehumidifier, thinking it would not be efficient enough to keep the whole house moisture-free. Taotronics has a powerful compressor, so it makes sure that all the corners and spaces of your house come under its operation area.

2. 24 hours Timer Settings

It happens very often with people who want to save some electricity, but when it comes to turning off the device on time, they simply forget. In such a situation, a timer can come to your help.

Taotronics 50 pint dehumidifier has a timer in it, so it never fails to turn itself off or on when and as needed. All you gotta do is to set the timer mode for an auto-on or auto-off. You can set its timer maximum for a whole day, which is 24 hours. The minimum time limit is up to your preference.

3. Smart Dehumidification

With TaoTronics TT-EE015 50 pints dehumidifier, you can achieve your desired humidity level in your house. It lets you set your indoors’ humidity to a comfortable level of 45% to 55% when the humidity of your house ranges from 35% to 85%.

So it is efficient enough to soak up all that excessive moisture from the air and bring down the total percentage of relative humidity in your house. Once your desired humidity level in your home is achieved, this unit shuts off automatically to ensure that it does not dehumidify your space more than you want it to.

4. Overflow Protection

This Taotronics humidifier is safe for your house, as it comes with an auto-restart and auto-off feature. If for any cause, the power of your house gets cut and then returns, this dehumidifier picks it up from where it left the work, and all the settings remain unchanged.

Also, when the water tank is full, this best dehumidifier with pump automatically stops working and turns itself off. So you never have to worry about the tank being overflown and water spilling out of it. The indicator also shines red to inform you when the tank is about to be full.

5. Pint Capacity

This Taotronics TT-EE015 dehumidifier is best designed to soak up a lot of moisture from your indoor areas. The pint capacity for this product is 50 pints, or 23 liter, which is a huge amount of moisture. Your house would remain dry and fresh for much longer as this dehumidifier ensures perfection in its work.

This Taotronics TT-EE015 dehumidifier is effective not only where you keep it, but it is also responsible for giving you a uniform moisture-free atmosphere as it works for the entire apartment. You have to empty the tank 4 times a day to get the Taotronics 50-pint dehumidifier’s ultimate result.

6. Tank Capacity

The water tank which collects and holds the soaked moisture in the form of water is placed right at the bottom of this Taotronics TT EE015 Dehumidifier. The tank is a rectangular box that has a holding capacity of 6 liters or 1.6 gallons.

Though this dehumidifier can collect 23 liters of moisture in a day, this tank of the same is capable of holding 6 liters at a time. So basically, you have to empty the tank whenever it is full. Otherwise, 50 Pint Taotronics dehumidifier with pump would not soak up any more moisture from that room’s air.

7. Energy Efficiency

Before going for any electronic appliance, you must check if its worth the money and whether it is energy star verified or not. Taotronics TT-EE015 assures you of really low energy consumption and, at the same time, an efficient dehumidifying as per the energy star dehumidifier reviews.

TaoTronics dehumidifiers do not consume much energy, so it saves you from having to pay a thick amount of electricity bill at the end of the month. This TT-EE015 unit is energy star certified, so you can trust it to be working perfectly with way less operating cost than regular dehumidifiers without compromising with its all over performance.

8. Dehumidification Modes and Turbo Function

Taotronics 50pt dehumidifier is best when it comes to letting you control your space’s humidity level. It has two dehumidification modes, one of which is Preset Mode and the other one being Continuous Mode. In preset mode, moisture keeps getting sucked up by this dehumidifier until and unless it reaches that humidity percentage you have set up in the machine. Then it shuts off after achieving that desired level.

Taotronics TT-EE015 dehumidifier keeps soaking moisture from air seamlessly in the continuous mode and continues until you turn it off. It has two fan speed settings, Normal and high. So you can control its operating function and speed according to your wish.

9. Pump Drainage

It becomes very easy when you know that your Taotronics dehumidifier’s tank needs not to be manually emptied when and once the tank is full with 6 liters of water. This tank can be emptied automatically after attaching the given drain hose with its tank. So this auto pump drain option allows you to empty its tank without having to do anything by yourself.

But one thing that you must remember in this case is that the drain hose must be placed elevated from the level of its tank’s position. Otherwise, the pump would not be able to drain that water effectively out of its tank. This auto pump drain hose comes included in your purchased package.


TaoTronics 4500 sq ft Dehumidifier Technical Specifications

  • Brand : TaoTronics
  • Model : TT-EE015
  • Dimensions : 15.4 x 11.1 x 24.25 inches
  • Operation Mode : Continuous
  • Color : White & Black
  • Item Weight : 46.7 pounds
  • Moisture Removal : 50 Pints/day
  • Area Covered : 4500 Sq Ft
  • Water Tank Capacity : 6L
  • Warranty : 1 Year


TaoTronics large room dehumidifier’s air supposed to be cool or warm?

The air from TaoTronics 50 pint 4500 Sq. Ft dehumidifier is comfortably warm.

Is this Taotronics 50 pints dehumidifier fairly quiet?

Yes. Taotronics 50 pint produces noise up to 45 decibels when in turbo mode. Otherwise, it does not produce much noise.

How long is the pump tube of Taotronics 4500 square feet dehumidifier?

The pump tube of Taotronics 4500 square feet dehumidifier is 17 ¼ feet in length.

Can I use this Taotronics TT EE015 dehumidifier 24 hours every day?

It is not advised to use any machine for 24 hours every day. If you want to enjoy a prolonged service, consider giving it some rest.


Let us sum it up this TaoTronics TT-EE015 review for you. It is an extremely well-working dehumidifier that keeps mold and mites away from your space. It even prevents your walls or windows from getting damp due to excessive moisture in the air. This works as the best dehumidifier for basement, garages which are generally prone to being cold and damp. The Taotronics dehumidifier’s power input is 545 watts, and this dehumidifier is compatible with 115 volts only.

This dehumidifier requires 5.2 amperes of current input to work at its best. Taotronics smart dehumidifier 50 pint has a water bucket with the capacity of 6 liters for each round, with a total capacity of collecting 23 liters of moisture from the indoor atmosphere. To get the most out of it, consider shutting the doors and windows of that space so that new moisture can not enter. 4500 square feet is its operation area, so going for this TaoTronics TT-EE015 dehumidifier Amazon is the wisest choice you can make.

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