Vremi 1500 sq ft Dehumidifier 22 Pint – Ideal for any medium-sized space!

Vremi 1500 sq. ft. Dehumidifier Review: A dehumidifier in your house may solve multiple grave problems that come along with higher humidity, such as mold, mites, mildew, and several allergens. You can address those problems and resolve half of it only by having an efficient dehumidifier in your house. The vital question is how you would choose from a range of dehumidifiers and get the best out of it. Vremi 1500 sq. ft. Dehumidifier is a well-renowned name when it comes to the world of dehumidifiers. It helps you keep your house moisture free and create a fresher atmosphere no matter even if your house is situated in a humid tropical or subtropical region. Also, it brings the relative humidity of your house down to a level of comfortable 50%.

Vremi 22 pint dehumidifier is an energy star rated unit you can use without worrying much about electricity usage. It can capture up to 22 pints or 10.5 liters of moisture that remains suspended in the air of your room and collects it in the form of water in its water tank. Vremi 30 pint energy star dehumidifier has a continuous pump type, and it is efficient to collect almost all the water vapor that causes major discomfort. Though this unit has a large capacity and looks big, it is not heavy as it weighs only around 33.1 pounds. To check whether this is worth all these praises, we bought it for testing.

Vremi 1500 sq. ft. Dehumidifier Review for 2022

1. Filter System

Vremi 30 pint portable dehumidifier boasts an outstanding feature that incorporates a filter button that reminds you of cleaning the filter. Suppose you have used this product for 250 hours without cleaning the filter. In that case, it may finally lead to this filter being blocked by tiny particles that remain suspended in the air and, therefore, in moisture as well.

If the filter of this most energy efficient dehumidifier is blocked, its function becomes prohibited after 250 hours of usage, this filter indicator burns bright red. Once you have cleaned this filter manually, you can press the filter button, and this light would go off and wait for another 250 hours before reminding you of cleaning the same.

2. Turbo Mode

When your house’s humidity level reaches its maximum, you should consider turning this 30-pint Dehumidifier Vremi on for moisture removal. When you know that the moisture level is above normal, you can make Turbo mode present in this unit. Turbo mode has two fan speeds, high and low, which you can use accordingly.

To bring down the moisture level from maximum to normal, you got to opt for the turbo mode with a high fan speed. When moisture of your house gets reduced to a rather normal amount, you can switch to the low fan speed, ensuring that your space’s ambiance remains comfortable without allowing more moisture to invade it.

3. Continuous Mode

Sometimes, there prevails more moisture in the space than we can imagine. In such a case, we can not accurately predict how much the ideal moisture level will be. This continuous dehumidification mode in Vremi 30 pint dehumidifier is a blessing in such circumstances. You just have to turn this continuous mode on and sit back.

Vremi dehumidifier would keep working until and unless it brings that moisture level of your house to a comfortable humidity of 35%. After it reaches the 35% standard moisture level, you can turn its continuous mode off. Here one thing is to be noted, regardless of how much moisture your house has at a certain point, you can run this continuous mode for up to 12 hours at a time.

4. Comfort Settings

If you do not want to keep setting up the humidity level in Vremi large room dehumidifier every time on your own, you can resort to this comfort mode. You just have to press this comfort button, and then you can stay relaxed. This Vremi 1500 dehumidifier would work on its own by automatically sensing the current humidity and temperature of that space, setting its desired humidity level accordingly, and working towards that.

In Vermi 22 pints dehumidifier there are three temperature divisions and their respective standard humidity levels set up in this comfort mode. If your space temperature is below 65° F, this unit will automatically bring the relative humidity level to 55%. If the ambient temperature is between 65° F and 77° F, the relative humidity would be set to 50%. Your room’s ambient temperature is more than 77° F. This dehumidifier would work to bring its RH level to 45%.

5. Timer Settings

When your Vremi compact dehumidifier is turned on, you can make use of its timer settings for control over how long you want it to work on dehumidifying. When it is on, press its timer button, and its timer off indicator would illuminate, implying an auto stop program has been initiated.

Pressing that same button again would enable the timer and auto start. After this, you have to use those left and right buttons to change the timer by 30 minutes increments. You can set this up to a maximum of 10 hours. Then, a feature enables you to change its timer by 60 minutes increments, which can be set for 24 hours maximum.

6. Removable Water Tank

Vremi dehumidifier 30 pint has a removable water tank attached to it, which has a capacity of collecting 22 pints of water every day. If you feel like your water bucket has been full, you can easily drag it out of his dehumidifying machine to empty it.

This water tank is not transparent, so you can not see its water level until and unless you see through its transparent bar, which is present in the middle of this water tank for checking how much water is collected in there. This water tank is light enough, so it would not be difficult to pull this out of this dehumidifier.

7. Auto Shut Off, Auto Restart, and Defrost

Vremi 1500 sq ft Dehumidifier has these auto shut off and auto-restart features. These prove to be utterly important and needed functions in the case of house dehumidifiers. If the water tank reaches its maximum capacity of holding water, it shuts off on its own to prevent water spillage.

When this dehumidifier reaches the goal of dehumidifying your space completely according to your set up humidity level, it turns itself off automatically, which saves you a lot of additional electricity usage. If there is a sudden power cut in your house and the dehumidifier goes off, it makes sure to restart its function as soon as power returns, and it starts working with all the previous settings intact. The defrost feature clears off if there is any frost formation in its evaporator coils by running the fan at high speed until it scatters those frost off.



  • Brand : Vremi
  • Model : 30 Pint
  • Dimensions : 16.1 x 10.4 x 19.9 inches
  • Item Weight : 33.1 Pounds
  • Operation Mode : Continuous
  • Floor Area : 1000 Square Feet
  • Color : White
  • Max. Moisture Removal/Day : 22 Pint
  • Max. Area Coverage : 1,500 sq ft
  • Warranty : 12-month warranty


Vremi energy star dehumidifier 1,500 sq. ft, white where to buy it?

You can buy this Vremi 30-pint dehumidifier from the official site of Vremi and Amazon.

What is the size of the drain hose outlet for the Vremi 30 pints dehumidifier?

It does not have a specified size, but you can use any regular garden hose for this Vremi 30 pts dehumidifier.

How much does this Vremi 1500 sq ft energy star dehumidifier weigh (unboxed)?

Vremi 1500 Square feet dehumidifier weighs 33.1 pounds when unboxed.

What is this Vremi 30 pt dehumidifier’s dB loudness?

The loudness of this Vremi 30 pt 1,500 Sq. Ft. dehumidifier is 55-60 DB.

Does Vremi 22 pint portable dehumidifier have automatic defrost?

Yes, Vremi 22 pints dehumidifier (30-pints) has an automatic defrost system that clears off frost formation in its evaporator coil.


At the end of this Vremi 1500 sq. ft. Dehumidifier review, we want to share our take on this unit. Its dehumidifying capacity was enough for dehumidifying an area as large as 1500 sq. feet. If you place it in your living room while keeping the doors to your bedroom open, it would be able to easily soak up the moisture of that whole area and bring down the whole relative humidity percentage to a comfortable level. Its water tank has a capacity of 3 gallons.

In comparison, this dehumidifier can soak up to 4 gallons of moisture every day. So you may need to empty your water tank once the day to take advantage of its maximum dehumidifying capacity. Its energy star rating makes this product the best basement dehumidifier in its price range. We suggest you go for this highly to taste the best house dehumidifier available in the market.

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