Guide on Best Brands of Dehumidifiers

Come summer and the steep increase in humidity can make your life miserable. Like everything else, the humidity levels of your home needs to be optimal for you to stay comfortably. If the humidity levels shoot above the required limit of 60% or less, you will have to definitely invest in a dehumidifier. This guide shows What are the Best Brands of Dehumidifiers to help you choose the best one.

Humidity can damage your wooden furniture, spoil your home interior and can affect your health as well. If you are prone to allergy, then increased humidity makes it worse.

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What are the Best Brands of Dehumidifiers?

There are several brands of dehumidifier available in the market. Let us look in detail about what are the Best Brands of Dehumidifiers that you must consider while you shop around.

Ivation dehumidifier

Ivation dehumidifier image
Ivation dehumidifier image

Ivation is a new company based out of New Jersey and makes a huge range of consumer electronics including the dehumidifiers. Within a short span since inception, they have quite a bit of market share and are known for the innovative product line.

They produce different varieties of dehumidifiers using cutting-edge technologies. This makes them better than rivals and you can always look for additional benefits in their products.


Delonghi dehumidifier

Delonghi dehumidifier image
Delonghi dehumidifier image

Delonghi is a well-known brand in the UK. Their products are often in the mid-range with good extraction rates and give great value for your money. Some of the popular models include DEX12, DES12, DNC65 and DEM10.

The company offers a range of models, including desiccant and refrigerant types. One small disadvantage of Delonghi machines is that they have smaller water tanks. however, this can be considered a trade-off for their better portability.


LG dehumidifier

LG dehumidifier image
LG dehumidifier image

LG is a well-known brand across the world in the consumer electronics arena and no wonder they make one of the best dehumidifiers which are widely available and sold largely. They come in some great trendy designs and provide a great alternative to some of the traditionally styled brands.

The most reviewed models of LG include the 65 Pint and 45 Pint models. Unlike most other brands, LG models have a filter. This is used to filter the bacteria, odors and other contaminants from the air, in addition to dehumidifying it.

LG dehumidifiers have an alert mechanism that intimates you when the water tank is full and provides a handy option of draining the tank with the help of a hose. This way you don’t need to do the tedious job of emptying the tank and you can also reuse the water.

Hisense dehumidifier

Hisense dehumidifier image
Hisense dehumidifier image

Hisense dehumidifiers have a built pump as well to ease drain of water from the tank. You can now simply connect a hose with the drain outlet and empty the tank. These dehumidifiers also feature what is known as the “gravity drainage”, wherein water is simply drained on to the ground and there is no need to employ external drainage.

This is one of the most energy efficient brands out there with a power draw of less than 650 watts. The Hisense models have very high hygrometer accuracy. For those who are not sure what the term means a hygrometer is used by a dehumidifier to measure the relative humidity of the surroundings. Based on the readings the humidity levels are adjusted by the dehumidifier. Higher the accuracy of the reading, better the operation of the system.

It has a very good consumer rating when compared to other brands in the same category. It also gives good value for money as well.

Edgestar dehumidifier

Edgestar dehumidifier image
Edgestar dehumidifier image

Edgestar dehumidifiers can operate across seasons. It is easy to use and is available with powerful features which make it ideal for varied purposes. It also has auto de-icer and low-temperature options and can be used even in crawl spaces and basement areas.

A 50-pint version of Edgestar dehumidifiers can easily cover up to 3000 square feet. This brand also has an auto drain feature, which enables the use of a hosepipe to drain the water. If you are too lazy to do that, don’t worry we have got it covered! You can always use the gravity drainage option.

These dehumidifiers have the option of auto shut-off, once the desired humidity level is reached or if the water tank is full. They come with heavy duty caster wheels and strong easy-to-grip handles, which makes them easily portable.

Perfect Aire dehumidifier

Perfect Aire dehumidifier image
Perfect Aire dehumidifier image

Perfect Aire dehumidifiers can easily cover an area between 3000 to 4500 square feet. This is a company that is known for its customer service. All of their models come with at least a year of full warranty with on-call support.

They usually have three operating modes and has an auto drain feature to empty the water tank through a hosepipe. Perfect Aire dehumidifiers can work down a temperature of 41 degrees so they will also be ideal for areas like basements or garages.

These models come with anti defrost functions and are compact in design. The only problem with this brand is the noise level. They tend to be a little louder than other brands.

Danby dehumidifier

Danby dehumidifier image
Danby dehumidifier image

Danby dehumidifiers are among the best models available in the USA and Canada. It is highly recommended for its selection of portable models. The most important thing to note is that all Danby models are Energy Star rated, which means they are all highly energy efficient.

The current Danby range includes models in 25, 30, 40, 45, 60 and 70-pint capacities, allowing customers to choose based on the area they want to cover. Danby models are highly efficient in controlling basement humidity levels.


Frigidaire dehumidifier

Frigidaire dehumidifier image
Frigidaire dehumidifier image

All models of Frigidaire brand are energy efficient, which means they save money as well as the environment. Frigidaire also has the concept of the continuous drain of captured water with the help of a garden hose attached to the drain pipe: that’s great ease of use and a great plus.

This brand has features like digital humidity readout, a control lock and a 24 hour on/off timer that allows you to program the unit. They are also quieter in operation and are highly effective. However, Frigidaire models don’t have the option of water level indication, which seems to be a minus. They have air filters to remove contaminants and are easily portable.


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