Uses of Dehumidifiers – What each type of Dehumidifier is used for?

The purpose of a dehumidifier is to remove the moisture from the air which curbs the growth of dust mites and mold. They are specifically useful in the areas of the house with high humidity. Basically, dehumidifiers are used to bring down the humidity level by absorbing the excess moisture with ease of sponge and take you to a comfortable house.

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What dehumidifiers are used for?

Generally, a home dehumidifier removes between the 10 pints and 50 pints of water from the air every day. The amount will depend on relative humidity. Dehumidifiers are used to hinder the growth of dust mites, minimizes condensation and also helps in reducing the level of impure air.

Whole house dehumidifier

Whole house dehumidifier image
Whole house dehumidifier image

Whole house dehumidifier is a low maintenance way to keep the entire home healthy, dry and comfortable. Even though high humidity is the most common problem in crawl spaces and basements, excess moisture can come up and infiltrate the entire house. As a result, you will feel very hot and sticky indoors, observe mild and mildew growth, have pest problems, and possibly develop some allergy symptoms. Whether it is portable or connected with your HVAC system, a whole house dehumidifier will help you to maintain healthy humidity levels throughout all the rooms at home.

Whole house dehumidifier may work in one of two ways. Some models installed directly onto the HVAC system and dehumidify the air when it flows back and forth through the air ducts. While other whole house dehumidifier models are portable and are large enough to dehumidify the complete square footage of the house. Portable whole house dehumidifiers are Plug and Go Models that they do not need much installation work. While whole house dehumidifier that works with HVAC system requires the help of a professional installer.

Whole house dehumidifier helps to deodorize and decreases the risk of mold. When whole house dehumidifier used properly they protect your house from furniture warp, paint bubble up by decreasing the excessive moisture.

Crawl space dehumidifier and portable dehumidifier

Portable dehumidifiers generally designed to be used only in a single room. If one room in the house is very humid then just simply set the dehumidifier in the room and now you are good to go.

Crawl space dehumidifier and portable dehumidifier image
Crawl space dehumidifier and portable dehumidifier image

Generally, the humidity problem will start underneath the home in the crawl space where it is humid and damp. These conditions caused due to a number of factors from dripping pipes to stable water. Though the crawl space is out of sight, it does not mean that damp air, humid stays there. Because of the phenomenon called stack effect, excessively the humid air will spread the entire home.

Too much humidity makes your home feel uncomfortable and it also causes some serious health issues. This will specifically become true if high humidity leads to mold. High humidity will also affect the integrity of home with problems like wood rot arise and sagging floors. The best way to alleviate all these problems is to invest in purchasing a good quality crawl space dehumidifier. Once installed, the crawl space dehumidifier will solve high humidity problem right from the source. With the installation of crawl space dehumidifier, you will be able to maintain the air quality in crawl space. Therefore spreads the same throughout the entire home.

Portable dehumidifier generally ranges between 35-75 pints per day and some larger models stretching to 95 pints. These numbers sound quite similar to crawl space dehumidifier that ranges between 55-90 pint per day.

Basement dehumidifier

Basement Dehumidifier is a regular standalone portable dehumidifier. But it comes equipped with some features and functionalities for the ability to offer more efficiency in the basement. It not only work efficiently in the basement it can also work just above the ground as it works below the ground. Dehumidifiers that work above the ground should be able to handle the environmental variables mostly the colder temperatures. Basement dehumidifier should need to have some features and functionalities that optimize its use in the basement.

Basement dehumidifier image
Basement dehumidifier image

Features to look for basement dehumidifier includes:

  1. Defrost mode: There are chances for the basement to be colder than any other part of the home. Buy such a dehumidifier for the basement which is able to run effectively even at colder temperatures. A feature where the dehumidifier runs more efficiently at colder temperature is in Defrost Mode.
  2. Operating temperature range: If your basement seems to be extreme temperature then you definitely need to check the manufacturer manual specified Operating Temperature Range for dehumidifier you are planning to buy. Most of the dehumidifier has manufacturer mentioned operating temperature range which can be known easily by reading its manual.
  3. Drainage functionality: The smaller the water tank of dehumidifier you purchase for the basement, often you need to drain the water using gravity or pump instead. Conversely the bigger the water tank of dehumidifier then you don’t need to gravity or pump to drain water.
  4. Water tank size: It is an important factor to consider in buying a dehumidifier when you choose not to drain continuous using gravity or pump drainage.
  5. Auto restart: If some temporary power outage occurs, then dehumidifier equipped with this feature will retain all the previous inputted settings and restart with these settings after the outage.

Small dehumidifier /mini dehumidifier

The mechanism of mini dehumidifier / small dehumidifier involves the intake of air, removes the moisture and then return the air back into space. The collected will get filled into the small internal chamber which should be removed or emptied periodically. Mini dehumidifier is meant to be used in small enclosed areas like the bathroom and or near water filtration.

Small dehumidifier image
Small dehumidifier image

Some mini dehumidifier work by ventilation. That is, they don’t actually dehumidify. Rather they pull the cool air from outside, by replacing the stagnant air inside. Using this machine will aid the air exchange which can make you feel comfortable. It also reduces the growth of harmful organisms with high efficiency. Some portion of mini dehumidifier/ small dehumidifier works via absorption/adsorption. They actively pull in the moisture from the air by absorption and then pull away from the water by adsorption.

A mini dehumidifier /small dehumidifier is a better option in small areas because these units themselves are very diminutive. Instead of preserving the homes items and surfaces, your mini dehumidifier can make you feel the air fresh and comfortable. Even lowers the incidence of respiratory illness and irritation. When you are shopping for mini dehumidifier make sure that it is appropriate for your room size. Also, think about the particular situation you intended to use it in order to achieve the maximum benefits.

Bathroom Dehumidifier

Damp and moist areas are breeding ground for mildew and mold. This is generally common in bathrooms which are usually small, confined and are full of moisture. Mold on the walls, shower and tubs are not only unattractive but also leads to some serious health issues to the family and home. However, with some proper planning, you can able to stop bathroom mold and maintain healthy, clean bathrooms.

Bathroom Dehumidifier image
Bathroom Dehumidifier image

To control the growth of mold in the bathroom you need to first understand why mold is flourishing easily in that room of the house. Mold needs moisture to grow, so when water is steadily present on the surface and air, mold spores will take hold and begin to increase.

Mold should be removed firstly from the surfaces of the bathroom. If you even see the traces or smell some musty odor of mold, clean it completely from all surfaces. Once the mold removed completely then prevention is the key to stop mold in the bathroom. Controlling the moisture or air humidity is important to get success.

There are many ways to lower humidity in the bathroom and to stop mold growth. The idea is to circulate air so that moisture is not trapped in small space of the bathroom. This can be down effectively by using some appliances in the bathroom.

If you are not having an exhaust fan in the bathroom or it is not able to control the humidity enough to stop the growth of mold, then bathroom dehumidifier is the great solution. Bathroom dehumidifier helps to reduce the level of moisture in the bathroom and prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Commercial dehumidifier

Commercial dehumidifier image
Commercial dehumidifier image

When it comes to protecting the business facility, restoring areas blocked by water and moisture damage, then you require heavy duty dehumidifier that can be able to tackle the toughest jobs. Commercial dehumidifiers are able to control humidity in warehouses, manufacturing plants, restaurants, office buildings, storage areas, sports facilities, bars, marine environments, indoor pool, and spa environments, locker rooms, and many such areas that are vulnerable to excess humidity. These efficient commercial dehumidifiers can reduce high humidity quickly. Also, they will work consistently to maintain the proper humidity levels and prevents costly repairs. Additionally, they are specifically ideal for water damaging restoration tasks, including excess water removal, high level of drying and humidity maintenance.

Commercial Dehumidifier is a heavy duty dehumidifier designed for commercial dehumidification. It operates successfully in harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Also, maintains the high capacity in the removal of moisture at lower energy costs. For more information, do follow our website regularly.

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