Where to place Dehumidifiers? – Best place for my Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers extract moisture from the areas of a house with high humidity. By controlling the humidity level in the air, dehumidifiers protect the building structure and make spaces more healthy and comfortable. Standalone dehumidifiers offer flexibility in their position. So that they can be used in any place where the excess moisture is a problem.

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Where Should I Place My Dehumidifier?

In order to use your dehumidifier, put it in the place with more humidity in your home, like a basement, crawl space, bathrooms or a laundry room. Try to place the dehumidifier close to the center of the room, or at least 6 to 12 inches away from furniture and walls because it works better when there is sufficient air flow around it.

Where to place my Dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers are frequently placed in the areas where the excess moisture is the most prevalent. Generally, the areas where the excess moisture present in the home are bathrooms, crawl spaces, basements, bedrooms, kitchens, warehouses, workshops, spas and indoor pool areas. Additionally when you appendage your air-conditioner with a dehumidifier, you will attain the best steadiness of cool and dry air, which helps your indoor to remain cool and healthy.

Placement within a Room

Dehumidifiers require clearance for the air to flow in and out of the unit. They also require to be plugged in an electrical socket. In a large room, place the dehumidifier near the place of moisture. In a small room placing the unit in central is ideal. For the best result keep the windows and doors of the room closed.


Basement image
Basement image

If you are confused about where to place dehumidifier in basement to creates extra living space and is useful for storage. No worries we are here to help you. The problem that is faced commonly with the basement is moisture content that is naturally associated with them.

If you are planning to use the basement for living space, then the best location for dehumidifier in basement is, the area where it is out of the way and inconspicuous. Improper placement can usually hinder its efficiency to remove the moisture in the room. To achieve the best quality air out of space it is better to know the right dehumidifier placement in basement.

If you are using a relatively small dehumidifier for basement with little moisture issue then it is perfectly fine to place it on the floor. The air blown out by dehumidifier will be warmer than the air going inside so placing the dehumidifier near the ceiling will reduce the convention circulation.

You have to empty the drip pan if there is no automatic pump. Generally larger dehumidifier contains larger drip pan which will be heavier once it is full. This makes very inconvenient to empty the drip pan. Where to put dehumidifier in finished basement or those areas with heavy moisture content, it will ideal to place the unit near the bathrooms, sink so it can be self-drain.

Though the dehumidifier serves its function in removing the moisture from the basement (anywhere), it may take more time to achieve this operation based on where the unit is placed. The best place to put dehumidifier is n the middle of the room to achieve the fastest dehumidification. So, that it can be able to get the maximum air flow. This will also help to reduce the much energy consumption of the unit as it does not require running for a longer period to achieve dehumidification.

Many basements are wet or damp due to humidity from the surrounding soil. So placing dehumidifiers in the basement reduces the moisture that may damage the home’s structure. We hope this guide helps you to where to put dehumidifier in basement.


Bathroom image
Bathroom image

Best place for dehumidifier in Bathroom? When someone runs the hot water in the shower or bathtub, then humidity released. Some bathrooms may lack windows or exhaust fans that allow the humidity to dispel. Without sufficient ventilation, excess humidity may cause the paint to fizz and mold to grow. A dehumidifier placed in bathrooms reduces the excess moisture in space.

Best Location for Dehumidifier in Crawl space

Unfortunately, there is one space at home where the mold can be unnoticed, which allows it to grow at a rapid pace, this is generally observed in crawl space. These spaces can present throughout the home like a basement or attic. As they are not easily accessible we don’t use them much. But if mold started to form then probably we never know until it gets started to affect your health. Even then it may take a while to understand what the source is. Generally, molds exist as there is excess moisture present.  If this is the situation then you might have some other issues to consider and worry about. It compromises the structural integrity of the home, wood will begin to rot, the metal begins to rust and worsen and floors sag.

Crawl space image
Crawl space image
Where to place a dehumidifier for Crawl Space, Steps to Consider

The simplest solution to dry the space is to install the crawl space dehumidifier. Below are some steps to consider for eliminating excess moisture and install a dehumidifier for crawl space.

  1. Find the source: Initially find out the source of the problem from where the moisture is getting into space. If they think that source is high humidity then continue with below steps before using any equipment like dehumidifier as this may spread mold even more.
  2. Access the damage: Once you find out the source then check the space to decide what kind of damage it is. You need to look for pests, mold and any damage to the structure.
  3. Cleanup: The next thing is to clean up the space that is top, remove any junk, debris and wet materials. This is important to make the drying process easier. You can remove any standing water when space is clear. You need to use some sump pump to collect the water depending on how much quantity of water is present.
  4. Keep the space dry with the help of dehumidifier:  After taking the care of water entry problem and the issues with pests and mold now it’s time to dry out space. The fastest and easiest way to use a dehumidifier. You need to find out what size of dehumidifier is best for space. It all depends on the square footage of space and moisture conditions present.

Whole House

Whole House image
Whole House image

Where to put dehumidifier in house? If you are facing humid conditions throughout the whole house, the portable unit probably won’t be sufficient. A better solution is to purchase a whole home dehumidifier. These units assimilate directly with the existing HVAC systems and are very powerful enough to handle the house with thousands of square feet in size.

Dehumidifiers should be placed in the areas where the moisture levels are high and seem to be an ongoing problem, or where there is less ventilation that is the absence of fans, windows or air conditioning. Keep in touch with www.dehumidifierexpert.com for more information.

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