Yaufey 1500 Sq Ft Dehumidifier 30 Pint – Best for Basements, Garages, and other Indoor Spaces!

Dehumidifiers are used in places where an overabundance of moisture out of the air has to be sucked out. This moisture can carry harmful allergy-causing dirt and dust. Thus, these appliances are highly beneficial for people who are prone to allergies or breathing problems. If not, use it to maintain preferred surroundings in your home and make it cozy after a long day out. The Yaufey 30 Pint Home Dehumidifier is precisely one such product to help us out on these terms. Bombarded with its huge demand and recommendation, we bought this dehumidifier to test and know it in detail. With personal experience, here is the detailed Yaufey 30 Pint Dehumidifier review.

It is suitable for homes and basements with maximum coverage of 1500 Sq. Ft. This Yaufey dehumidifier can be best used to remove moisture from the environment for providing cleaner and convenient surroundings. This dehumidifier is comfortable and simple to use. The technology used for dehumidification is efficient and energy-saving as well. With an easy-to-use control interface, our selections get noticed quickly. Some smart controls made it a favorable purchase.

Yaufey 30 Pint Dehumidifier Review of 2023

1. Dehumidification Technology

A dehumidifier can be termed effective as per the amount of moisture extracted from the air during its operation. Our Yaufey 1500 Sq Ft dehumidifier can remove up to 32 pints per day. This will establish a comfy situation at home. The humidity range for control is between RH30% and RH80%. This range can be controlled rather accurately with all panel options available. It has a special timer that can be set to 24 hours to have perfect living conditions, much to our delight.

At our commencement, this dehumidifier began to recognize the humidity level in our room. After this, we were able to set our desired level of humidity required. In a successful setting, our device will now begin its job to bring down the moisture if it exceeds our set level. Otherwise, if the humidity goes below mentioned level, this machine stops working. Thus, it is all smart to maintain an enjoyable environment at home at all times. In another scenario where we set its humidity level at RH30%, our machine is onto continuous dehumidification.

2. Automated or Self-Draining

Wondering how this dehumidifier can be cleared out of water? This intelligent machine has two types of draining methods. We loved the automatic draining option, which is always easier for a user. A drain outlet port at the back of this home dehumidifier was used to drain automatically. Our product’s tank becomes full around after it reaches its capacity of 1.8L. A drain outlet with a hose of 2 meters will help drain out water effortlessly. This outlet can be used for continuous draining.

Just place this dehumidifier near your required drain pipe at home, and it does its job perfectly. Another option with draining is a manual one. Tank, as mentioned earlier, once full, can be opened and drained by hand as well. We found this option suitable at times though we preferred the automatic one mostly. The hose is also provided as an accessory. Auto shut off function is present when the tank becomes full, so no tension of overflowing and mess around our house.

3. Effective Cleaning Methods

Yaufey 30 pt dehumidifier is so effective in its operation owing to easy cleaning methods available. We were pleased with the painless and successful cleansing. Since dehumidifiers consist of an air filter, this will raise doubts about cleaning hassles. However, this dehumidifier’s air filter with continuous drain was a washable one. It was recommended to wash air filters at least once a month, and we did so to achieve the best results.

This product’s water tank at its bottom should also be cleaned every 2 weeks to avoid any algae or fungi formation. We used a soft cloth and cleaned its air filter with water. All these steps ensured our dehumidifier performed excellently and was in for the long haul. When this product is not going to be used for long, clean its base, tank, and filter. Thereafter, use a plastic sheet to cover and store it in an upright position. Make sure it is in well-ventilated surroundings as well. Minimalistic care is necessary.

4. Portability

Since our home dehumidifier is compact in its built, we observed its portability advantage. It has good dimensions that are fit to carry between rooms. A handle on its back makes sure we didn’t have to carry it in uncomfortable positions. Thus, this eliminated our fear of slipping away this machine from our hands. This dehumidifier with continuous drain comes with a lifetime support and 12-month free replacement if found default, from its manufacturer.

Additionally, wheels under this dehumidifier made it effortless for its movement. Presence of these wheels will certainly be useful for elderly users who wouldn’t want an extra hand to move to the room of their choice. We also were content with wheels, and it certainly was a desirable feature. Sometimes this feature might be absent in many devices when effective dehumidification is happening. We were happy manufacturers considered this fact as this made efficient dehumidification with portability.

5. Control Interface

Options on the control panel form the basis of operation for any machine. This indoor dehumidifier certainly falls under the “ease of use” category. Its control panel consists of an option to switch this dehumidifier on/off. This bedroom dehumidifier even includes an option to control its fan speed. It can be set between high and low. An indicator to mention when the tank is full is also present. Once its tank is full, the automatic shut-off of this machine is seen; thus, enabling in saving power and our tank not overflowing.

A 24-hour timer setting is available, once enabled, works round the clock to maintain a peaceful and clean living. A full display that gives us further details during our selection helps make sure we are selecting appropriately. As described, the panel was one of the best user control panels we had seen as far in dehumidifiers. It was filled with just enough choices.


Specifications of Yaufey 30 Pt Dehumidifier

  • Brand : Yaufey
  • Dimensions : 12.2 x 8.2 x 18.9 inches
  • Item Weight : 23.8 Pounds
  • Floor Area : 1500 Square Feet
  • Color : White
  • Tank Capacity : 0.47 Gallon (1.8L)
  • Working capacity : 4 Gallons/Day
  • Material : ABS plastic
  • Drainage : Water tank/Continuously Drainage
  • Voltage/Frequency : 110V~60HZ
  • Warranty Description : 12-month free replacements and lifetime support


Does this Yaufey 30 Pint Dehumidifier have drain pump or is it gravity drain only?

This dehumidifier from Yaufey does not have a drain pump for automatic draining. It relies on gravity drain only. We made sure the drain hoses are downhill in direction to have effective draining.

Does the Yaufey 30 pints dehumidifier automatically turn off when the Relative Humidity desired is reached?

Yes, this Yaufey 1500 sq ft 30 pints dehumidifier with 30 pints will automatically turn off when relative humidity is reached. Both fan and compressor will switch off once this level is attained.

Does Yaufey 1500 Square Feet dehumidifier work well in the basement?

Yaufey 1500 square feet dehumidifier works excellently in the basement. It would be best recommended for use in basements with large humid surroundings.

How many amps does Yaufey 30 Pint Dehumidifier use?

The Dehumidifier from Yaufey uses 20 amps for its working. It works with 110 V only. It also ensures power saving on electric bills. At the highest, it uses 260 Watts.

What humidity setting should i use on Yaufey 4 gallon dehumidifier?

Humidity setting on Yaufey 30 pints dehumidifier can be matched one’s requirement. For optimal settings, use RH50% that might be a common level for many users

Final Thoughts

Yaufey 30 pints dehumidifier comes with a tank capacity to ensure that our air surroundings are always with perfect humidity. This is especially suitable for basements and bathrooms where we required the ideal seasonal moisture. With its varied functions and appreciable features, we were able to put this gadget to extensive use. The results observed by us were satisfactory. Auto defrost, auto humidity sensor, auto drain gave it the edge over other humidifiers. Manual draining is available for homes without the option of drain pipes in a convenient location.

Settings on the control panel of this best dehumidifier for garage were also very easy to operate. Each option worked and gave desired results. We endorse buying this dehumidifier from Yaufey with 30 pints and term it as a credible purchase with its high-quality performance. Hope our Yaufey 30 Pint Dehumidifier review has satisfied your humidity related questions. Have a happy shopping!

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